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Political Playback: News You Might Have Missed – September 7

Gov. Newsom’s New Executive Order Opens Pathway to State Jobs, Higher Pay   On Aug. 31, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order to improve access to higher paying and more fulfilling careers for students and workers. The executive order launches the development of a new Master Plan on Career Education designed to prepare students for the workforce of tomorrow, including jobs that don’t require college degrees. Additionally, the executive order directs the state to take further steps to reduce other barriers to state employment. Related Links: https://lasentinel.net/political-playback-news-you-might-have-missed-august-24.html https://lasentinel.net/political-playback-news-you-might-have-missed-august-17.html “All families, students, and workers deserve the freedom to succeed: to build