LADWP Launches Racial Equity Plan, Board President Cynthia McClain Fights for Justice

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) are planting new seeds of racial equity within their principal foundation, LADWP Board of Commission President Cynthia McClain provided intensive details about the steps taken to create balance within the organization that controls the City’s water and power.

Mayor Garcetti Announced DWP Will Not Shut Off Services Due to Non-Payment for the Rest of 2020; Rent Freeze Extended Another Year

Thursday, May 7, Mayor Eric Garcetti provided an update on COVID-19 Response efforts. The Mayor previous announced a 3-level analysis that will be in use, as Los Angeles gradually opens local businesses. The brick-and-mortars are still not allowed to let people come inside, but there is curb side assistance available for florists, car dealers, and stores that sell toys, books, clothing, sporting goods, and music. Community spaces that are looking to open by Saturday include trails and golf courses. Eric Garcetti provided updated data surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, these numbers hold a deeper value, as they stand as major factors in deciding what future firms will open in L.A. The Los Angeles City Mayor shared the updates within the departments of Power and Water.

DWP to Give Warnings before Penalties to Water Wasters

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power officials said last week they will begin taking steps to enforce rules against water waste. Customers that are identified as using an unusually large amount of water will not be punished immediately, be put on a water conservation plan, under rules approved by the Water and Power Commissioners. If a customer fails to comply with the water budget set by DWP, penalties may be imposed that range from $1000 to $4000, although depending on the scarcity of the water and drought conditions, the city could charge as high as $40,000 a month

Consumers Call for DWP Watchdog

Consumer advocates recently called for the replacement of the independent watchdog of the Department of Water and Power, saying he has failed to properly advocate for the utility’s customers. Representatives of Consumer Watchdog sent a letter urging Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Attorney Mike Feuer to fire DWP ratepayer advocate Fred Pickel, saying “his failure to speak out for ratepayers during these last years of scandal makes clear he should be replaced with a true consumer advocate immediately.” The consumer advocates pointed to Pickel’s history as an energy consultant who worked closely with Enron and on the side of utilities,

Mayor Sells DWP’s Coal Plant Shares

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced this week he has signed an agreement to sell off the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s share in a coal-fired energy plant in Arizona, a move that brings the city closer to ending its dependence on coal energy. The signed agreement involves the sale of the LADWP’s 21 percent share in the Navajo Generating Station. “This is an important step toward cleaner air, addressing climate change and creating a clean energy future for Los Angeles,” Garcetti said. The LADWP spent three years negotiating the sale of the shares, with the resulting agreement calling for