U.S. House Votes to Condemn President Trump’s Use of Social Media to Spread Racist Messages

“Some of us have been victims of the stain, the pain, the hurt of racism. In the 50s and during the 60s, segregationists told us to go back when we protested for our rights. They told ministers, priests, rabbis, and nuns to go back. The told innocent, little children seeking just equal education to go back,” said civil rights legend and Georgia Congressman John Lewis on the House floor during debate. 

A Face of the Roe Vs. Wade Fight 

Los Angeles native Jana Coke responds from the heart to the controversy of the blue vs. red debate and the Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice battle of abortion.

Presidential Debate on Vaccine’s Could Challenge New CA Law

Oakland community leading the discussion on implementation Earlier this year, Californians engaged in heated debate over the state’s “School Vaccine Bill” as it made its way through the state legislature. At the time, the majority of the Senate Bill 277’s opponents were White voters living in middle class suburbs and smaller towns. Now, two months after the bill has become California law, vaccine safety is becoming an issue of growing concern among people in the state’s Black communities as well. It is also increasingly becoming a sticking point in the national political conversation. From 2016 presidential candidates like Donald Trump