Inside NBC’s Olympics bet on pop culture in Paris, with help from Snoop Dogg and Cardi B

NBC is inserting some pop culture flavor into the world’s biggest sports spectacle: From Megan Thee Stallion dancing with dressage horses at the Palace of Versailles to Peyton Manning riding a giant baguette blimp over the Eiffel Tower, the network has strategically partnered with several big names to build anticipation for the Paris Olympics.

Olatuja on Olatuja

Alicia Olatuja said that throughout the process of creating the new album it was important for the pair to discuss who they had become and their journey getting there. “That found its way into the creation of the music,” she said.

Chances Make Champions: Analyzing Simone Biles’ Relentless Return to Gymnastics

Her return to the sport gave her a chance to think about competing in the 2024 Paris Olympics in which she is considering allowing her to include another aspect to her outstanding accomplishments and elevate her legacy even further. Biles commented on The Today Show on how she feels about having this opportunity to assess.