California Black Media (CBM)

Black Dem and GOP Candidates Vying for State Legislature Seats

Primaries will be held June 7 for four positions on the California Board of Equalization, all 80 seats in the State Assembly, and 20 State Senate seats. Half of the 40 State Senate seats are subject to election every two years. The 20 even numbered districts are on ballots this year. 

California ’22 Primary Election: Black Candidates Running for Statewide Office

On June 7, California will conduct a primary election — the first opportunity for voters to elect candidates in newly drawn districts based on the 2020 US census. Registered voters will automatically receive a vote-by-mail ballot no later than May 9, with the option to return it to a secure drop box, or vote in-person up to 10 days before the election for those living in Voter’s Choice Act (VCA) counties.

Black GOP Candidates Are Tapping Into Voter Frustrations in 2022 Election Cycle

Either way it goes, some of the Black Republican candidates California Black Media (CBM) has spoken with say they have already made a difference. They entered their races to represent Californians who are frustrated with the policies coming out of the Democratic-run Statehouse and Legislature in Sacramento and their ideas and opposition on problems from homelessness and affordable housing to education and the environment have already begun to influence political conversations at the state, county and municipal levels across California.

White Person Who Jumped Vaccine Line in Black Area Shares Their Story

On Feb. 22, a White Pasadena resident says “they” received an e-mail from a friend containing access codes to get vaccinated for COVID-19 in a nearby neighborhood that is predominantly Black. The problem? Those codes were meant for people in Latino and Black communities that have been hit hardest by the pandemic.

Police Group Places Gun Target on Image of Black Elected Official

America is still healing from several violent murders of unarmed Black men and women at the hands of law enforcement officers across the country. But that climate in the country, volatile and fraught with distrust and disagreement, did not stop members of the California Correctional Peace Officer Association (CCPOA) from placing a gun target on the photo of a Black lawmaker in California.

Advocates to State Senate: Diabetes Patients Can’t Afford to Wait on ‘Life-Saving’ Bill

Californians living with diabetes, a group of doctors and some African American healthcare advocates are asking the state Senate to take up — and quickly vote on — an “urgent” public health bill that lawmakers have put on ice. If passed, the legislation would place a $50 cap on monthly copayments insurers require diabetic patients to cover when buying their insulin treatments.