Washington Prep senior Sesame Mixson has competed in football, track and field, basketball and baseball (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

Washington Prep senior quarterback Sesame Mixson led the Generals to an appearance in the CIF City Section Division III Championship game. The Generals ended the season with a 5-9 overall record and a 1-4 Coliseum League record.

Mixson worked to hold his teammates accountable as the team endured coaching changes throughout the season. Washington Prep boy’s basketball coach Jovante King ultimately took the helm.

“We all kept encouraging each other to come to practice and be on time,” Mixson said. “[We] kept hyping each other up, telling each other that we’re gonna go far.”

Mixson used to play basketball along with football but basketball lost his interest.

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“I got more of an urge over football than basketball,” Mixson said. “I like to hit people and have fun.”

Stepping into the quarterback position was not a challenge for Mixson. He was ready to memorize all the plays and be a leader to his teammates. His favorite part of being a signal caller is scrambling.

“If I’m getting blitzed and I don’t see nobody open, I just run with the ball,” Mixson said. “Score a good amount of yards.”

Mixson would have to answer for the mistakes of his teammates; this experience helped him grow as a leader. Although they did not win the City Section championship, Mixson takes pride in the General’s ability to defeat Hawkins, University, and South East high school.

Being a student athlete means having a strength if academics is not a strong suit.

“If you can’t make it being a student in the class with academics, then you got another skill, which is being an athlete and all the other skills and moves that come behind that,” Mixson said.

Mixson’s favorite classes are math and physiology.

“I learned a lot of different stuff,” Mixson said about his physiology class. “I didn’t even know we got that many names for different bones.”

Along with football, Mixson is an outfielder in baseball and a sprinter in track and field. Mixson recognizes how the Coliseum League has helped him improve in every sport he competes in.

“It makes me a better athlete because we was playing more challenging schools that had kids that was … a little bit better than us,” he said. “We have to try even more to overcome that.”