For Jadyn Harris, being a student athlete means that she is able to help build up the reputation of Heritage Christian (Courtesy Photo)

Sophomore Jadyn Harris is an outside hitter and opposite hitter for the Heritage Christian girls volleyball team. Harris noted how the team maintained great connections with each other on the court throughout the season.

“We all brought each other up, none of us would try and break each other down,” Harris said. “We always supported each other, win or loss, no matter the circumstance and losses or not, we had fun the whole season.”

Along with playing for Heritage Christian, Harris plays for the Super Nova All Stars club volleyball team. Club volleyball season keeps her in rhythm during the high school off-season.

“Having club in the middle keeps me active,” Harris said. “It helps me develop my skill habits so that when school season comes around again, I’m even better than I was last year.”

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Harris was unable to compete during her freshman year due to injury. While she recovered, Harris kept a positive attitude to show she is still passionate about volleyball.

“When I went to rehab, I would think like all of this is gonna benefit me at the end, I’m gonna be able to play volleyball,” she said. “Even though my coaches had me starting off slow, they didn’t want me doing much fresh out of my injury, during club season.”

Being able to play during her sophomore season allowed Harris to develop a deeper connection with her team. A highlight of her season was when Heritage Christian defeated their rival school, Whittier Christian.

“That was one of the most high-energy, intense games that we had that season,” Harris said. “The student section cheering us on; all of us having great energy on the court, being excited after every point.”

Harris was inspired to play volleyball by her older cousin who played for the Arizona Wildcats women’s volleyball team.

“Going to her games and watching her play made me more interested in wanting to start playing myself and taking sports seriously,” she said.

Being a student athletes and getting wins allows Harris to help bring a good name to the school. While the offseason allows her more time to work on academics, it is not hard for Harris to balance athletics and academics during the season. Her favorite class is chemistry.

“At first, I did not used to like it,” Harris said. “But once I started to really understand and see the joy in doing chemistry and solving equations and doing all of that, it became more fun for me.”

Outside of academics and athletics, Harris enjoys painting, playing video games, and reading. She desired to become a nurse when she becomes an adult.

“I try and base a lot of things, like my classes, on what I want to do in the future,” Harris said. “Being able to help people, like potentially help save someone’s life was very interesting to me. It really caught my eye.”