Rams COO Kevin Demoff (second to left) and LMU president Timothy Law Snyder, Ph.D. (second to right) pose with Iggy the Lion and Rampage (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

The Los Angeles Rams choosing to have Loyola Marymount University as a partner helps students in a myriad of ways. As the Rams bring opportunities to LMU students and alumni, the university looks to provide for the franchise. LMU president Timothy Law Snyder mentioned how they are combining their “brainpower” and “organizational excellence.”

“We’ve never done anything like this,” said LMU President Timothy Law Snyder, Ph.D.. “It’s really all about the students … that will have so many new opportunities for students and also the opportunities that we will bring to the Rams organization.”

The Rams and LMU will collaborate to make educational and professional development initiatives for current students. This will include exposure to Rams executives, sports and entertainment courses, internships, and career opportunities.

“What I really expect is deepening ties between our two organizations, being in Inglewood, being in Westchester, building those bonds,” said Rams Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff. “Give students the opportunity to come experience what life in sports looks like and making us a stronger part of the L.A. community.”

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The two organizations announced their partnership in September at the LMU campus. Students got a chance to take pictures with Rams mascot Rampage, LMU mascot Iggy the Lion and the Rams’ Super Bowl XXXIV and LVI Lombardi trophies.

“Faculty will be able to partner with certain officers within the [Rams] to do case studies,” said LMU Executive Vice President and Provost Thomas Poon, Ph.D.. “Bringing a successful organization like the Rams into the classroom is going to be a great learning experience for our students.”

Several faculty members in the journalism, communications studies, and business departments at LMU have done research in sports. Since the announcement of their partnership, the Rams hosted their inaugural Girl’s Flag Football Jamboree at LMU. The event allowed hundreds of girls throughout Southern California to have exposure to the campus while gleaning from executives from the university,  the Rams, and Bridgestone.

The two organizations hosted “LMU Day at the Rams” on December 3 when the Rams battled the Cleveland Browns. Students and alumni from LMU received ticket discounts for the match-up; the university also had activations at the game.  During the contest, LMU branding and videos were featured on the Infinity Screen.

“Now, people all across the country and even the world are gonna see LMU,” Poon Ph.D. said. “Either they don’t know about us and they’ll look us up and then they’ll see what a great university we are.”