Haley Veazie plays on three different teams for the View Park Knights while maintaining a 3.86 GPA (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

View Park Junior Haley Veazie is a multi-sport athlete, playing softball, volleyball, and basketball for the Knights. When she’s pursuing endeavors, Veazie strives to do the best that she can.

Veazie began playing with the Knights softball team as a freshman, her first championship game was her favorite out of the two she experienced. That year, the Knights defeated the Huntington Park Spartans 3-2.

“I remember the last out of the game, I had to make it, so that was just a lot of pressure on me,” Veazie said. “We were down, so coming back was big too.”

During that game, Veazie was a second baseman. She currently plays shortstop for the team. The switch caused her to make some adjustments to her game.

“My arm had to get stronger because second base is a shorter throw,” Veazie said. “I had to do a lot of long throws to get my arm stronger.”

Veazie had a 3.86 GPA and took AP English. Her favorite class was Health, her teacher taught her the positive side of having stress.

“When you’re overthinking, focus on your main goal,” she said. “As an athlete, that kinda transitions in the game, like if it’s big and you’re stressed out, step back and take a deep breath before you go in.”

Veazie was the captain of the Knights volleyball team this past school year. The squad struggled through a tough Coliseum League.

“We got moved up, not our division, but our league,” Veazie said. “We had a lot of girls that were new to the sport, so teaching them was fun.”

The softball team ascended to Division I competition, achieving a 11-5 overall record and a perfect record in the Coliseum League.

“The season was a little bit slower and the games went by faster to me,” Veazie said. “Playing with my team, I love them all dearly. I grew up with half of them.”

With a mind focused on schoolwork and a supportive group of teachers, she is a successful student athlete. To keep your athletics and academics in good standing, Veazie noted that knowing how far you can push yourself is important.

“To be a student athlete, to me, is to take your work at school serious before you can come out here and do your extracurricular activity,” she said. “But you have to be able to manage both.”

Veazie also worked as a volunteer with Natasha Watley’s Softball League where she was able to coach her younger sister. At her church, Veazie works with the kids in the nursery.

In the future, she would like to be either a pharmacist or an anesthesiologist. Veazie’s advice to young athletes is to stay consistent.

“It’s always gonna be tough and difficult for you to manage multiple sports or even school and sports,” she said. “Always stay focused and know what you want to do and do it.”