Wendy Gladney (File photo)

It is amazing to me how oftentimes when God gives us an idea or dream and we share it with other people, if they cannot imagine it or if it is something they would not necessarily see as a good idea they give you all kinds of grief. They think of every reason why you should not go down that path, even when they have no concrete reasons why they do not see it as a good idea.   

This is a perfect example and reason why sometimes it is best to keep your thoughts, ideas, and dreams to yourself and only share with a few select people in your life who you trust. Initially, sometimes our worst dream killers can be those that are the closest to us.   When God has given you purpose or a specific dream, do not be afraid that the path may be lonely at first because as Winter turns to Spring, as soon as you start to succeed, people will come out of the woodwork saying they knew you could do it.   

I have found that most of us are average. We begin to accept the status quo and as long as we can pay our bills, provide for our families, go out on Friday night, and maybe do a kind thing here or there for someone else we are content.  But when you allow yourself to dream and dig deep to see what you are made of and what is still yet in you to accomplish during your lifetime, you separate yourself from the pack.   

 Yes, there will be those in your corner that will cheer you on but there will also be the naysayers.  This is the time when you must understand your why and what is motivating you to stand away from the pack.  What is making you go that extra mile, get up a little earlier, study a little longer, and go to meetings and training when you would rather stay home and sit on the couch eating ice cream?  Dig deep and stay focused on what you want and why you want it. 

There are many reasons why it can be lonely in our struggle and yet when we succeed it gets crowded. I recently heard the world loves to root for the underdog, but they follow the lead dog. Most people want the jewels of success, but they do not want to put in the blood, sweat, and tears. The struggle is real, and it is part of the process to achieve the goals you want to accomplish.   

Remember, some people in your life want the best for you, but they may be experiencing a little jealousy because they do not want to see you outpace them or leave them behind. When in fact, you would really like to bring them along with you. Human nature focuses more on self-interest than what is best for others.   

If we want to have peace along our journey, it is best we limit our expectations of others.  No one can walk our path for us.  We must sometimes be willing to walk the road alone or with just a few by our side. However, when we cross the finish line it may be a little crowded, but everyone around us may not necessarily be for us.  

Look around and see who was with you when you got started and if they are still there when you get to where you want to go, they are your true and tried. They are your ride-or-die.  They will be with you whether you rise or fall, keep them close.   

Do not get weary in well doing because when you least expect it, the victory will be yours. Continue to let your light shine bright and be kind to those who did not believe in you or support you.  Remember ultimately, we are in the people business, and we should show love and compassion to everyone. 


Healing Without Hate: It’s a choice. It’s a lifestyle. Pass it on. 


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