Karla Daniels of Policy Star Insurance Solutions. (Courtesy Photo)


Continuing the Sentinel’s series on businesses in the Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce, Karla Daniels, CEO and founder of Policy Star Insurance Solutions gave the L.A. Sentinel a look into her life and career.

Daniels is the broker and CEO of Policy Star Insurance Services. She founded the company with the goal of providing equitable insurance solutions for families, individuals, and businesses within her community.

Policy Star offers business, life, auto, and home insurance, positioning the firm to answer the multi-faceted needs of the community. While Policy Star is a full service brokerage, Daniels was still able to find her niche market with small businessowners by understanding their issues and making new connections.

Explaining how she got into the field, Daniels said, “Insurance was something that found me after my daughter was born and I was looking to find a new career.

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“I was in the beauty industry for 15+ years and had a successful run, but I wanted to do something different and after that, I was looking for the next step, especially after coming into motherhood,” she remembered.

“I was thinking about what my legacy would be for my kids and my family. We have so many hidden talents, and I began to pray about it and a friend of mine offered me this opportunity in the insurance business at his company.”

Daniels was able to meet people all over the world by doing hair, and by answering a call from her friend invoked a new passion in her.

“From starting from just answering phones, managing the office, getting my broker’s license, it went from one level to the next and soon I was in love with it,” she said.

Karla Daniels, left,  and guests at the Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce 90th Anniversary Board Member Installation Service at The Methaphor Club on April 16, 2023 Los Angeles, California (Photo by Karim Saafir)

“It was service, and I was able to learn so much about business and it put a new passion in me. I got a great foundation from there and then I decided to step out and create my own firm.”

The process of building her business, Policy Star, was perfect timing according to Daniels because she made this career pivot right before the COVID-19 pandemic occurred – a time where life was confusing and up in the air.

In February 2022, she took a leap of faith and started her own firm, Policy Star. Daniels noted,  “This new field for me has been a blessing especially getting into entrepreneurship as a woman, and as a Black woman.

“As a mother, we face so many challenges and disparities, but I knew that was it was my calling in this season in my life. I was making sure I was providing a resource to my community. I love the insurance industry, I love the different sectors, I love that I get to be a liaison for these high-end carriers that we may not have access to my community and bring that to my community.”

Daniels elaborated on problems such as redlining, gentrification, and new laws that have left Black communities desolate, and mentioned that insurance companies do not want to extend coverage in these areas, deeming them as risky or reflect the type of clientele they want to write.

In turn, she said, insurance companies overcharge Black people, or just don’t provide coverage at all, especially when it comes to maternal health. Daniels strives to break that barrier by providing insurance, care, and access to these leading carriers to the community.

Guests at Daniels’ Back to School Event at the Crenshaw Baldwin Hills Mall. (Courtesy Photo)

For those looking to get into the insurance sector, Daniels has this word of advice – “Go for it and find your niche, pick a sector, go all in and make sure to surround yourself with individuals who are in the same industry.

“You’ve got to study and educate yourself, building a legacy takes time. We need more women especially Black women etc., and do not be afraid to reach out to me,” she added.

In the future, Daniels hopes to be globally recognized and continue to be a firm that is committed to protecting our cities and nations. She also hopes to leave a legacy for her family, and provide jobs and resources for more people of color.

Policy Star Insurance is also finalizing a new project set to debut midsummer that will provide more access to the community.

Stay tuned and visit their website here for more information https://www.policystarinsurance.com/.