JC Lacey of JCL Consulting (Courtesy photo)

JCL Consulting Group (JCL) provides equity-focused communication strategies, stakeholder engagement, and specialized training workshops for government agencies in California.

In an interview on Tuesday April 25, JC Lacey, principal, gave the Sentinel insight on his career having over 15 years of public and community service in Los Angeles, and most recently becoming president of the Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce this Spring.

With 2023 being the Chamber’s 90th anniversary, Lacey noted that he has three main goals this year.  The first is to host networking events each quarter to socialize and talk about business. Secondly, he aims to improve members’ online presence through workshops and pop-ups. The last goal is to be an advocate and voice for the community through their outreach.

Reflecting on the journey to becoming chamber president, Lacey said, “In the past 10 years, Armen Ross was the previous president of the chamber and I have been able to watch him, as well as the late Michael Jones, develop this business.

Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. (Karim Saafir Photo)

“I also worked for the LA Metro on the K-line being the business liaison for them, so I was able to get my feet wet. I’ve been in this community and gotten to know these businesses well. As a consultant now, my firm, JCL Consulting, is marketing-based and that’s where my role with the chamber has come in,” he explained.

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“I started as an independent small business in 2019 right before the pandemic and I’ve been blessed and lucky to plug into projects that I have a niche to address, mostly transportation focused projects and all city clients and government agencies. We specialize in equity focused communications, strategy, and we also have a lane in the digital media lane, we have been working recently with AI chat tools to help government agencies and organizations with what they need from community members,” he said.

JCL’s main goal is to help strengthen relationships between organizations and the communities they are serving through assisting in developing activities and events like public meetings, focus groups, media campaigns, targeted outreach, and pop-ups. One area that JCL is focusing on is aiding the government in catching up with the private sector in terms of digital communication.

Another niche area for JCL is designing programs to support local businesses being affected by infrastructure construction. He has played a critical role in Eat Shop Play, a mitigation program bringing marketing support to mom and pop businesses along Metro’s construction corridors. The sponsored marketing helps businesses build a strong foundation by developing websites, creating an active presence on Yelp, ensuring websites are mobile friendly, and training owners to perform these tasks.

For more information on JCL’s mission and programs, visit https://www.jclconsulting-group.com. Visit the Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce’s website at https://www.crenshawchamber.com/.