Deutsch LA Helps Create Dorsey High Hot Sauce

Dorsey high school is a place of education and growth, within the halls we see future innovators public servants, movers and shakers of the community. Elite branding agency, Deutsch LA collaborated with Dorsey High School to foster a new idea into a marketable product, the Dorsey Green Sauce. This was an eye-opening experience for students looking to get into businesses and marketing; they were able to exercise their creative process to deliver a fully developed brand.

Black Mother Struggles to Avoid Sex Work in South LA to Survive 

Everyday the streets of Los Angeles are filled with people suffering from unbearable loss.  The kind of loss that makes you simply lose your mind.  Loss of your job, loss of your home, loss of your car, loss of your family, loss of your standing in this world, and worse of all, the loss of hope.