Black Media

Sustainers and Shapers of the World: A Classical African Conception of Womanhood  

In the midst of the current state of the world with all its faces and forces of genocide, injustice, evil and oppression, I reach back in the practice of sankofa to retrieve and bring forth the timeless ancient ethical wisdom of our honored ancestors. And I do this realizing the awesome unequal suffering of women and children in this month and moment of history and in honor of their defiant and radical refusal to be defeated, to be resigned in despair or to cease their resistance in opposition to oppression and in affirmation of their dignity, humanity and indispensable role

Dr. Joycelyn Elders’ Legacy: Vision for Sex Education Among Black Girls

My journey from a public health investigator to an advocate for comprehensive sex education has been deeply personal. Guided by my experiences at the Black AIDS Institute and as a Certified Health Education Specialist, my mission has been to create inclusive and honest conversations about health within Black communities.   

New Book Alert! ‘Rapper’s Deluxe: How Hip Hop Made the World’ 

Todd Boyd, Ph.D., and renowned artist, Chuck D (Public Enemy) discussed how hip-hop held evangelical influence over the world’s shift in culture. The declaration of Boyd’s hardcover book, “Rapper’s Deluxe: How Hip Hop Made the World” premiered globally on Wednesday, Feb. 07, at The Broad Museum. 

Do You Believe People Can Change? 

Much of my life has been an open book.  I share many of my highs and lows for the purpose of trying to help and encourage others on their journey. Those who have heard me speak or read my books know the trials and tribulations I experienced as a young girl, from sexual abuse by my father and being abandoned by my mother.  

Forging Our Future With Our Past: Reclaiming Our History and Humanity In Struggle 

Emerging and emergent conversations about our future as a people conducted in the community and academy in the midst of ever evolving technology, AI and related ideas, apprehensions and aspirations bring to mind the dual focus on the lessons of our history and the ethical concerns for our humanity. As Nana Haji Malcolm taught, history is a vital resource and indeed an arsenal of knowledge for our struggle from which we can draw to protect and promote our humanity and conceive, fashion and forge a future in the cultural image and human interest of our people.  

The Power of Black Fatherhood, Giving Our Children the Strongest Start 

African American fathers have not always been portrayed by the media in a positive light. As a matter of fact, some of the very depictions of Black fatherhood in entertainment have caused incredible harm to our communities.Today, I’m paying tribute to all black fathers, their contributions, and the changing face of Black fatherhood.

Opinion: Black Women Are Running for Change  

This is a year of opportunity for Black women in Politics in California. Voters of all races across this state must collectively seize this moment to affect the kind of transformative change we are all hoping to see.

Whoopi Goldberg Pioneering Change with Blkfam, a Groundbreaking, Black-Focused Streaming Platform

Television history, marred by a narrow portrayal of non-white characters, witnessed a transformative journey from caricatures and racist depictions to the evolution of influential, Black-centered shows like the influential and groundbreaking “The Cosby Show,” in the 1980s, “A Different World,” “Living Single,” in the 1990s, and later “Black-ish.”