After the matchup, both Crenshaw and Dorsey have a 2-1 Coliseum League record (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

The Crenshaw Cougars rallied in the face of a 16-point deficit in the fourth quarter to secure a 37-34 victory over the Dorsey Dons. The well-attended game had spectators on both sides on their feet down to the final seconds of regulation.

Senior quarterback Donce Lewis mentioned how important it was for him to secure the victory. The Cougars hit a two-year skid in the iconic rivalry.

“My sophomore year, we lost. My junior year, I just came back from injury,” Lewis said. “I needed this one.”

When the Dons punted the ball for the first time in the fourth, the returner was tackled at the Don’s two-yard line. Lewis connected with Jeremiah Blackmon for a six-yard touchdown pass on a fourth-and-goal; the Dorsey defense denied them a two-point conversion. With 8:34 left in regulation, the Cougars were within 10 points of the Dons.

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Crenshaw senior Michael Wilson (54) chases down Doresy senior Joshua Russell (11) (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

The Crenshaw defense kept the Dons’ possession short. Lewis connected with Roberto Salazar to convert on a fourth down. Lewis secured two consecutive first downs on scrambles before making a 13-yard touchdown run. The Cougars were then within two points of the Dons.

The Cougar defense kept the Dons on their own side of the field, forcing them to punt the ball away. Lewis mentioned how defense played a key role in the win.

“They kept us in the game. Honestly, offense, we were slacking off,” Lewis said. “They have my back though, they won this game for sure.”

The effort on special teams allowed for the Cougars offense to start at the Dorsey eight-yard line. Dorsey’s defense forced the Cougars to a fourth-and goal. A field goal kick with 37.6 seconds left in the game gave the Cougars their first lead.

Dorsey junior Aaron Brathold (34) is defended by Dorsey sophomore Robert Wilson(17) (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

The Dons, who have been battle-tested by the likes of the Inglewood Sentinels and the Culver City Centaurs, came into the matchup on a two-game winning streak in the Coliseum League. They would score first on an 88-yard rush by senior Joshua Russell.

“They wasn’t applying no pressure until we got tired,” said Dorsey junior quarterback Keyshon Lee. “That’s when them practice suicides kick in. We just weren’t conditioned.”

Senior Jason Robinson also made an 88-yard touchdown as the two teams traded scores throughout the first half. The Dons went into halftime with a 20-18 lead and returned in the third quarter with force.

On the fourth play of the third, Dorsey senior Javuan Lewis Jr made a 51-yard touchdown run. Dons sophomore Marlon Watson made a 50-yard touchdown carry, pegging the Dons’ score at 34.

Crenshaw quarterback Donce Lewis (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

Lewis then threw two interceptions, the first to Robinson and the second to Xavior Mendez. Lewis remained focused and determined knowing that his teammates will follow suit.

“My offensive coordinator, he always told me the team move off me. If I’m down, they gonna be down, if I’m up, they gonna be up,” Lewis said. “I ain’t get down how I usually would two years ago or last year … I kept my head up.”

Chargers rookie Daiyan Henley was spotted on the Cougars sideline prior to the Bolts’ Monday Night Football game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Crenshaw will have their last home game of the regular season on October 20 against the Washington Prep Generals at 7:30P.M. Dorsey will host Dymally on the 20th at 7:30P.M.