Pastor Michael G. Barrett prays over his congregation, petitioning God to extend His blessings to them. (Courtesy photo)


After many successes, like the release of his movie “Beyond the Shield” (2017), Pastor Michael G. Barrett, Jr. will host the signing of his book, “Choices: Trust, Loyalty, Betrayal, Redemption and Forgiveness,” on Sunday, July 30, at 3:30 p.m., at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium, 4117 Overland Avenue in in Culver City, CA.

Recently, Barrett sat down with Bakewell Media podcast host Niele Anderson to talk about the essence of his book “Choices,” which follows his spiritual awakening, biography, and life transformation.

Barrett, born in 1971, is originally from Harlem, NY and moved to Inglewood, CA when he was eight years old. He went to Albert F. Monroe Middle School, and then went on to graduate from Leuzinger High in 1990.

Soon after high school, Barrett returned to Harlem – though his mother was apprehensive. She wanted him to embark on the college route, but he was adamant about going to visit his home city. There, he fell into cycle of the streets- creating and maintaining a lifestyle of “hustling” and street activity- customary to this time period.

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On June 26th, 1995, he was incarcerated at the age of 23 in Binghamton, NY; eight days later he turned 24. Nine years into his prison sentence, a spiritual shift occurred.  In 2004, Barrett surrendered and gave his life to the Lord after experiencing what he now knows to be the Holy Spirit, while attending Bible Study in the prison’s chapel. Three years later, in 2007, he started ministering while still incarcerated.

After 18 years and three months of served time, Michael G. Barrett, Jr. was released from prison on July 29, 2013. Warden Linda Thomas granted his release six months early due to the Second Chance Act. Following his release, he had to spend one year in a halfway house.

Niele Anderson and Pastor Barrett display a copy of his book on the Bakewell Media podcast. (Courtesy photo)

During this time, he was an assistant pastor, under Bishop Ronald C. Hill, founder of Love and Unity Christian Fellowship in Compton – who he would sit under for five years. Six months after his liberation, he met his wife, First Lady La’Kesia Barrett. She would bring him to and from Bible Study and Sunday Service at Love and Unity Christian Fellowship and the halfway house.

Unbeknownst to him, years before they met, a pastor prophesized that she would meet a man who had been in prison, and he would “change her life.” The couple has since celebrated 10 years of marriage.

Pastor Michael G. Barrett, Jr. has overcome major feats in his life by the grace of God, the acceptance of Jesus, and the uplifting nature of his support system.

Barrett rejoices in the “restorations season” that he has been in, during this period of his life. He has connections with his four adult biological daughters and five grandchildren and has made monumental and impactful accomplishments- such as becoming as senior pastor at Do Right Christian Church, establishing Kingdomtainment (a TV network that reaches 55 million

households), involvement with the Southern California Food Bank, along with many others.

Pastor Barrett is set to have his book signing on the 10th  anniversary of the day his freedom was reinstated. His book details the choices that he has made in his life and his ride of redemption.