ShaVon Luckey

Noche de Las Memorias – The Wall Las Memorias AIDS Monument

On Dec. 1, an event was held at The Wall Las Memorias AIDS Monument in Lincoln Park. Although The Wall Las Memorias Project is primarily targeted for those of Latino descent, Blacks and Latinos share a mutually chilling reality when it comes to HIV and AIDs in this country.

L.A.’s Finest Create Pressure Fitness Club at Tuskegee University

Pressure Fitness Club is an inclusive fellowship at Tuskegee University, which fosters an outlet for self-improvement, community, and health. Founded by president and certified personal trainer Jade Chandler, a graduating senior majoring in Marketing at the university and born and bred in Pasadena, the club established its roots on the legendary campus.

Barrett Publishes ‘Choices: Trust, Loyalty, Betrayal, Redemption and Forgiveness’

After many successes, like the release of his movie “Beyond the Shield” (2017), Pastor Michael G. Barrett, Jr. will host the signing of his book, “Choices: Trust, Loyalty, Betrayal, Redemption and Forgiveness,” on Sunday, July 30, at 3:30 p.m., at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium, 4117 Overland Avenue in in Culver City, CA.