Founder of Simply44, Aeriq McNayre pushes you to stay fit while having fun. (Courtesy photo)

Los Angeles native Aeriq McNayre began his fitness journey in high school when he played for Palisades High. Today, the personal trainer is still continuing his journey as he not only trains individuals who want to lead a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally, but being that motivational leader thatthe community needs. 

Aeriq is the founder of Simply44, a movement to inspire, motivate, and encourage the community to get up and be active. He definitely “walks his talk” as his social media is filled with pictures and videos of him working out and training, hosting his “Get Outside” community events, and his interviews with other community leaders and fitness trainers. 

He told the Sentinel that his inspiration behind Simply44 was “divine” and is “the idea that anyone can stay fit by simply staying active and doing things that promote physical activity.” 

“A simple approach to staying fit is staying active and having fun doing it,” Aeriq stated. “This idea includes all ages, all body types, black, and white, and everything in between; it’s all inclusive.” 

“Simply44” was inspired by his age, 44, and by the way he views fitness. It was inspired by his “reintroduction of fitness as a simple, straightforward way of life without feeling like it’s a chore.” 

Aeriq explains that fitness is important to him because it touches every aspect of your life, not just physically, but mentally as well. He goes on to say that fitness teaches you lessons to push through and forces you to overcome, which he describes it as the “greatest lesson of all.” 

A word of advice that he has for his those who are just starting their fitness journey is to not bite off more than you can chew, not to compare yourself to anyone, don’t talk yourself into doing less, and it’s always “you vs. you.” 

“The idea of Simply44 has helped shape who I am by simply reinforcing a mindset of self-accountability, and responsibility to yourself, your family, and your community,” he described. “One of my biggest accomplishments is being able to get the attention of young and impressionable minds which then gives me the opportunity to show by example that not only fitness, but life can be SIMPLE.” 

The personal trainer definitely promotes having a great time while working out as his events include group hikes with scenic views, family kickball events, and more. His energy is infectious and a guaranteed great time and even greater workout is always promised. 

In the next five years, he sees himself saving lives by making fitness easy while standing in as a producer and host of his own show titled, “This is how we do it.” This show “highlights ordinary people doing extraordinary things while staying fit whether it be mental or physical.” 

A fun fact Aeriq shared with the Sentinel is that he cried when he saw the end of the movie “Beaches.” Outside of fitness, he enjoys writing short stories. 

To get in touch with Aeriq or to learn more about Simply44, visit @simply44 on all platforms. He also encourages readers to join his Facebook group, “Simply Fitness,” where you can stay updated on his monthly community activities and other inspiring events and weekly messages.