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COVID-19 was ‘Bloody Sunday’ for America’s Racial Health Disparities; Yet, There is Little Progress

Black doctors on the front lines against racism in medicine across the U. S. had hoped that the revelation of racially disparate suffering and death amidst the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID 19) would become the “Bloody Sunday” for revealing the truth about health disparities in America and escalate the long struggle to end them. But that has apparently not happened.  

California and Florida Govs Clash Over Their COVID-19 Responses

California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Florida Gov. Rob DeSantis seem to be on a political and philosophical collision course. Each one takes a shot at the other when the opportunity presents itself — which is often, as both men stand diametrically opposed, Left and Right respectively, on most issues.

The New Year is the Perfect Time to Stay Healthy Against COVID-19 

As we settle into the new year, COVID-19 continues to evolve and change. Public health experts continue to track the emergence of additional strains of COVID-19, underscoring the importance of choosing to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 and the flu. 

Pandemic or Not, We Need More COVID-19 Preparedness

President Biden declared the pandemic is over, then quickly backtracked. Unfortunately, his premature word choice undermines the ongoing efforts to prepare the country for future outbreaks. Even before the statement, Congress denied funding to prepare America for the next outbreak.