Dr. Jeanette Parker
Dr. Jeanette Parker (File Photo)

You see people all the time and watch them everyday. Right. Sometimes we can become people watchers instead of bird watchers.  

You watch what they wear. Watch “how” they look in their apparel. Do the outfits appear to be expensive or some might say, “cheap?”  

You sometimes act like they act. You pretend not to watch, but because the person is old enough to know better, you sometimes watch them anyway. Whatever is the case, you cannot tell just by appearance what is in the heart of a person.  

Sometimes there is a strong hint of what’s happening in the heart. Do we dare say you cannot tell what the person is thinking. You cannot know what is really going on with that person.  Yes. It is true one might like to know all these things without asking questions; but most likely questioning a person or a stranger would backfire.  

Fortunately, we do get up. Mahalia Jackson, who is known by many as the best gospel singer ever, says, “touched me in His name and woke up this morning.” Sometimes we may not be in a realistic manner thinking like that.  

Sometimes we think life is owed to us and take for granted that we go to sleep and wake up because we are just supposed to – that’s the way it has been and that’s the way it’s going to be today, tomorrow, and everyday thereafter for a long time to come.  

But, day to day, life is not owed to us. It is by His grace and His mercy that we survive from day to day. That’s quite a lot to think about and be grateful for – life! Some people plan for the next day and the next day doesn’t come.  

The scriptures admonish us to “wake up!” Stop thinking about what you will wear this evening to the party. No. I don’t mean that you must never look “nice” for the event. The problem is and maybe that these clothes may come to mean quite a bit more than the activity we wear them for.  

He says “wake up” for our redemption is nearer than when we expected. Our salvation and the true realization of what salvation means and what we can do about it is near and at hand. The days are getting shorter. The nights are becoming longer.  

Why do I say that? Look around. Don’t keep on sleeping. The infallible word of God before prophesied by Old and New Testament prophets from ancient times is coming to pass right in front of our eyes! 

Consider recent events – hurricanes happening in places and at such extent as not before; fires destroying whole towns quickly, storms, floods, wars, claims of alien entities from other worlds.  Russia attacked Ukraine with no regard to human life! China is threatening to take over Taiwan -a threat which has been fomenting for years.  

I remember when I visited China years ago, that menu was on the table. They had plans – five-year plans and perhaps more. I was not aware just what all that meant then; but I see now more closely what it was all about.  

The day is shorter. The darkness is longer. What advice is offered to us from the scriptures? Paul says, “put on the armor of light.” When we present ourselves to our workplace everyday or in the market or in the nightclub, what is the message we deliver without even opening our mouths?  

For one might say, “Here she comes. She’s got a lot of mouth on her. She says whatever she thinks with no consideration for how it affects others.” However, she might be the prettiest, the most well dressed in clothes, her hair might be the best groomed…so on and so forth.  

As for him, one might say, “He’s always got a lot of money. He reaches in his pockets and flashes it, or he is the most well dressed in designer clothing and so on and so forth.”  

But what do the scriptures say? Romans 13:11 – Stop cluttering our lives and using our lips as if they are all our own. Or thinking that we own tomorrow. We don’t. That is why the time to ensure our future with our Savior is NOW!  

Stop now! Read Romans 10:8-12 – confess Jesus Christ as Lord over all. You can also stop using the word “God” loosely and never saying in acknowledgement of His One and Only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. By saying, God this and God that is another signal of leading to deny the deity of Jesus Christ.  

Romans 14:1 says do not get into arguments (doubtful disputations) or silly things and making judgement calls on people. We approach with the thought in mind, “What can I say to help “anyone” to be led to Christ?” The time is nearer than when we first believed.  

Writing for the Lord and loving it! Thanks for reading! Jeanette Grattan Parker is the founder-superintendent of Today’s Fresh Start Charter School, 4514 Crenshaw Boulevard, L.A. 90043, 323-293-9826, www.todaysfreshstart.org, (Ask Dr. Jeanette TM) “Inquiring Minds Want to Know.” All articles are copyright. All rights reserved © [email protected]. References: The Holy Bible. StudyLight.org; Henry’s and Kelly’s Commentaries (public domain) Any errors? Please let me know.