Actress, dancer and DADA Fit creator Vivian Nixon Photos Courtesy of Much and House PR
Actress, dancer and DADA Fit creator Vivian Nixon. 

The Debbie Allen Dance Academy (DADA), a non-profit organization, is offering community members a chance to shed the pounds and get a healthier body through dance. Actress and dancer Vivian Nixon is the associate artistic director at DADA and has created DADA Fit for the expressed purpose of dancing your way into a new body.

“I’m [here at DADA] to support the mission of the school which is enlightening through arts and education—discipline and confidence,” said Nixon. “As well as help expand its reach, whether that’s through promoting more open classes, launching DADA Fit—anything that I can do to [help] the program is what I’m about.

Nixon is one of two children from actress, dancer, choreographer, television director, television producer Debbie Allen and former NBA Player Norm Nixon. Born in Miami, FL, Nixon grew up under one of the most influential and renowned choreographers in the world. Though she had interests in gymnastics and horseback riding, dance would end up being her ticket.

“I ended up really focusing in on dance when I was about 13[-years old],” said Nixon.

She attended the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C., which would be the launching pad for her career in dance. Nixon would go on to study with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, work on Broadway in musicals such as

“Hot Feet” and “West Side Story”, in films such as “500 Days of Summer” and upcoming film “Bolden!” and in television on shows such as “Glee” “Everybody Hates Chris” and “Power”.

Celebrating her one year anniversary working at DADA, Nixon explains the benefits of DADA Fit.

“The awesome thing about dance is that it’s expressive in a way that maybe a monotonous jog is not,” said Nixon.

“You’re really learning how to use your physicality in different ways. It expresses in a way that other exercise does not.”

Kelsey Mobley, Twerk Tuesday instructor for DADA Fit.
Kelsey Mobley, Twerk Tuesday instructor for DADA Fit. 
Professional dancer Derrick Garcia is one of instructors for DADA Fit
Professional dancer, Derrick Garcia is one of instructors for DADA Fit. 

DADA fit was created for all fitness levels and age groups by instructors who came together to create a fun program. The fitness program will have attendees dancing from styles all over the world which includes Bollywood, Twerking, Hip-Hop and more. Some of the other programs in DADA Fit are Abs & Glutes, Yoga Flow and Make Me Sweat.

Nixon had some words of encouragement for those who may be apprehensive about going to a dance class. She assures that DADA Fit is for everyone on any level.

“Don’t be intimidated,” said Nixon. “We modify anything and everything—there’s no required skill level. “It’s really open to anybody and everybody.”

DADA Fit is being offered at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Mon-Thurs, from 7:15-8:15pm. The Debbie Allen Dance Academy is located at 3791 Santa Rosalia Drive in Los Angeles. You may call at (310)280-9145 or visit the website at www.

Photos Courtesy of Much and House PR

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