(courtesy photo)
President Lyndon Johnson (Courtesy photo)

August 6

1965- President Lyndon Johnson signs the Voting Rights Bill, which prohibited racial discrimination in voting. The bill authorized the suspension of literacy tests that were used to disenfranchise minorities.

Delegate Charles H. Mahoney
Delegate Charles H. Mahoney (Courtesy photo)

August 7

1954- Charles H. Mahoney was confirmed by the Senate and became the first African American to occupy a permanent seat in the United States delegation to the United Nations.

August 8

1934- Congressman Julian Dixon was born in Washington, D.C. Dixon was elected to Congress as a representative for California’s 28th district in 1978.

(courtesy photo)
Congressman Julian Dixon (Courtesy photo)

August 9

1987- Beatrice Foods was acquired by Reginald Lewis. The $1 billion exchange became the largest business acquisition made by an African American businessman.

Reginald F. Lewis
Businessman Reginald F. Lewis (Courtesy photo)

August 10

1950-Singer Patti Austin was born in Harlem, New York. The singer is well known for her songs “In and Out of Love,” and “Do You Love Me?”

(courtesy photo)
Singer Patti Austin (Courtesy photo)

August 11

1965- The Watts Riots started and last four six days. The U.S. National Guard was mobilized out to the city on August 13, when the rebellion took a toll. 34 people were killed, over 3,952 people were arrested and $35 million in property damage.

(courtesy photo)
The Watts Riots (Courtesy photo)