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Last time, we talked about Naaman the leper. He was accustomed to high honor treatment and recognition. When the great prophet Elisha responded to Naaman’s heart’s desire to be rid of leprosy, this is clear example of the voice that hears.


He just wished. The voice came in his heart and mind. It came as a yearning, but with no hope because he was an idolater – that is, not believing in the one true God. The hearing came through several people.


His conscience request came through by the hearing of the young servant girl, his wife, another person who worked for Naaman, and two kings (the king of Syria and the king of Israel), the military man and then reached Naaman, who had a total misconception about how his healing would occur.


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Since he was a pagan – an idolater – he most likely never considered thoughtfully that he could be healed of his dreadful skin disease. When his time came for his long-awaited desire to be fulfilled, he rejected the method that the healing would come.


Rather than submitting himself humbly, his arrogance and pride viciously objected. He was incensed that Elisha, the great prophet and miracle worker, didn’t come out and bow to him in concert fashion and revelry.


The young girl is the star in this play and had said to his wife, “There is a prophet in Israel who can heal him of his leprosy.” When healing time came, Naaman’s pride rose to such a height that he had become blindly enraged and angry. He didn’t know what to make of it. He did not know Jehovah. It was too much for him. In his arrogance, he almost missed his blessed healing!


How many times have we gone somewhere looking for a specialized type of treatment and didn’t receive it, but rather left disappointed and missed our blessing, which was the point of the whole thing? Naaman was preoccupied with his own arrogance.


Naaman had two diseases: leprosy and pride. Over time, he had become used to telling many others what to do and they did it. But, this time, it was different. He was not in charge. Jehovah, working through Elisha, was in charge and Elisha didn’t act in the same way toward Naaman that many others had because of his position and reputation.


Yes, Naaman did hear the part about going to the prophet for healing; but where he got himself confused was the way he had made up in his own mind how the prophet should receive him.


Remember, he brought with him highly valued economic gifts  – gold, silver and more. What was he thinking? It certainly appears that was Naaman’s customary way of rewarding those who did him a great favor.

But, Elisha was no ordinary person. He did not heal and work for profit, neither for pennies or millions, neither small nor large.


If you read further into the account (2 Kings 5), you will find that Elisha’s assistant, Gehazi, was overtaken with greed. He saw all that money, all those valuables and monetary gifts that Elisha refused. This was too much for Gehazi to accept.


His greed rose up in him and overtook him. He became a thief and a liar. He went to extreme measures to get the gifts for himself from Naaman, which had been brought to be given to Elisha after the healing.


Remember the young maiden – she was a caring, observant young person. She did not think of herself. Deep down inside, she knew the one and only true God, Jehovah. Remember what He says, “I am the Lord and beside me there is no other god.”


Look how at her few words and faith, she moved two kingdoms. The grace of Jehovah healed Naaman through Elisha. She had observed him day by day.


Maybe she saw how his wife may have cried frequently for the healing of her husband. When she had heard through the maiden in captivity and serving in her home there in Syria, hearing about the prophet Elisha in Israel, she immediately went to work telling her husband what the maiden had said. What a gift Jehovah had placed there in her home.


You see how God works!! He hears. He is always in motion, actively working in the divine realm. If you have a difficulty, a challenge, just remember this – pray, pray, and pray some more. God has a master plan.


Naaman was a Gentile with no faith or belief in Jehovah. God went through obstacles and maneuverings to get to us to answer our prayers and save us! In answer to prayers and desires of hearts, God sent His one and only Son to save us from the burning fires of Hell!


Who would not want to serve this Great and Mighty God??? I do. Join me. Let’s have some real fun! Our Lord hears! He is working on your petition. He is arranging things to get to you in answer of your prayers.


Remember, if your challenge seems insurmountable, there is nothing impossible with God Almighty…. nothing. Oh my, my, my – I could go on and on, praising Him through words.


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