Larry Buford (File photo)

If you had a child that came into the world programmed to love and obey you unconditionally, no matter what, could you be sure the child was genuine? Wouldn’t you question if the child really loved and trusted you? Would you test the child?

People have been asking, why would God create us with the potential to sin? Since God made us in His image, He intended for us to have a sinless nature just as Adam and Eve had in the garden. Sin entered into the world out of disobedience. It wasn’t the forbidden fruit that opened their eyes when they ate from the tree of knowledge, but the realization that they had disobeyed God – the very source of their existence.

Sin – any sin that falls short of the mark of obedience – may be sweet for a season, but eventually our guilt, our conscience will overtake us. God gave us freewill, but He set in order consequences if we disobey His commands. It is better to be obedient than to sacrifice.

So, what the first Adam lost in the garden, the second Adam, Jesus, regained on Calvary’s cross. God created us with the potential to sin so that He could test our faith and trust in Him. Consider the story of Job. When God gave Satan (the adversary) permission to test Job, He instructed him to test him, but not to kill him.

Now I wouldn’t want to say God is a gambler, but there had to be some risk involved if God was concerned about Job being killed. Could it be that God in His holiness and sovereignty, who cannot look upon sin, was trusting that Job’s faith and trust in Him would get him through the test?

What is your faith, trust, and hope in? Jesus paid the price for our salvation and redemption when He was crucified on the cross. Then, He rose from the dead, which is our hope for eternal life if we believe. Do you believe?

People say, “Well, if God is such a loving God, why did He let this happen,” or “Why won’t He do something about that?” Okay, what other way would you have it? Do you want Him to take away your freewill?

God has foreknowledge – we don’t. Your free-thinking spirit may see something one way, but if you had no freewill, you’d be stifled. Would you like that?

The faith walk is not having foreknowledge, but hope. The joy is in the journey because once you’re there, you’re there. Where’s the adventure? Where’s the imagination? Where’s the conquest? The fruits of the spirit hang on love; the fruits of freewill hang on obedience.

Thank God for freewill and that we are not robots, but let us use our freewill responsibly with love and goodwill according to what would be pleasing in God’s sight.

Larry Buford is the author of “Things Are Gettin’ Outta Hand” and “Book To The Future” (Amazon). Email: [email protected]