I Saw God, Faith, and Medicine in Action

Last week, I had an opportunity to see the power of God firsthand—had my faith tradition reinforced and saw the strength in medicine, all working together for the good! 

Words of the Week – Rest In the Lord

Scripture – Psalm 37:1-7a, NKJV We must learn to rest. Rest is just as important as movement. We must learn to live free from activity. I’m not suggesting we become lazy. Lazy is just doing nothing. Resting is consciously choosing to pause from one’s work. Rest is about the journey. Laziness has no journey. There are seven types of rest: physical (body) rest, mental (mind) rest, emotional (soul) rest, sensory rest, creative rest, social rest, and spiritual rest. Spiritual rest is the most important, but all forms of rest are necessary. Spiritual rest allows the body, mind and soul to recharge. Spiritual rest is achieved by pausing sensory, creative, and social activities. Spiritual rest is resting

Words of the Week – Stay Woke

Scripture: I Thessalonians 5:1-11 The phrase stay woke has been present in African American Vernacular English (Ebonics) since the 1930s. It is referred to as an awareness of social and political issues affecting African Americans. The phrase was uttered in recordings from the mid-century by my wife’s great uncle, folk singer Huddie Leadbetter (Lead Belly). He used the phrase as part of a spoken afterword to his 1938 recording of his song “Scottsboro Boys,” which tells the story of nine teenagers falsely accused, convicted and jailed of raping two white women in Alabama in 1931. Erykah Badu admonished her post

Words of the Week – Fill Me Up Lord

Ephesians 5:15-18 See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is. And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit. A study reveals the legacy of slavery affects the mental and spiritual health of Black Americans. For descendants of slaves, the subject of slavery evokes feelings of emptiness, shame and embarrassment associated with the degradations of slavery. Harvard psychiatrist Alvin Poussaint suggests that the impact of slavery asked why

Words of the Week- Love and Sin, Both are the Answers!

Often, we hear people say, “if God is such a loving God, why does He allow bad things to happen?” The answer: He loves us so much that He gave us freewill and He won’t intervene unless we include Him in our affairs.

Words of the Week – The Promise of Power to Overcome

  Acts 1:8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”  Tasha Cobb wrote song “Break Every Chain.” The song says, “He promised the power to break every chain.” We live in a day and an age where there is no holy reverence or respect for the power of God to break the chains that cripple and overcome anything that bind us. With no holy reverence or respect for the power of God, that there

Words of the Week – Dealing with Tomorrow

Scripture: Mark 9: 2-5 We are five months into the year 2023. We have experienced four months of His grace, His love, His forgiveness, His healing, His comfort, His mercy, His peace that “passeth all understanding,” His blessings “seen and unseen,” acknowledged and ignored; blessings we know about and blessings we never saw coming, nor going. Blessings of trouble that did not come our way! Blessings of pain and hurt that did not come our way! It could have been me: killed by the rock dropped on an unsuspecting woman’s car windshield! It could have been us caught in a

Words of the Week – Avoid the Temptation of Debt

The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 10:13, “No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.” One of the greatest challenges in the Black community is managing debt. The Black community has one of the lowest credit scores in the country. The way to avoid the temptation of credit card debt, pay day loans, and borrowing money from family and friends is to develop

You Can Be a Christian Model, According to Stikks

Christian fashion model Stikks is out to help Christian women have a successful career in modeling. One may not pair the world of modeling with being a Christian, but Angela “Stikks” Adams says different. “Some people think it’s crazy to call yourself a Christian model, some people think it’s an oxymoron,” said Stikks. The middle child in the family, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native grew up in a Christian household. In the beginning, Stikks’ trajectory looked more like she was destined for the WNBA with her stating, “I’m a baller.” “Grew up, whooping on my brothers in basketball,” said Stikks. “I

Dr. Betty R. Price: A Timeless Woman of God

Through the death of a child, a challenging bout with cancer, and the loss of her husband of 69 years to COVID-19, Dr. Betty Price has always turned to the same place for solace and strength: the Word of God.

Words of the Week – Freewill

Thank God for freewill and that we are not robots, but let us use our freewill responsibly with love and goodwill according to what would be pleasing in God’s sight.