Rafikiz Foods uses a variety of family recipes and spices along with a few that Owino added himself. Courtesy Photo

Taste of Soul (TOS) is about a month away and every year, this festival gets better and better. TOS features some of the best vendors around selling everything from food, to merchandise and even Bibles. Sylvester Owino is a returning vendor bringing some tasty food with Rafikiz Foods.

“I had always enjoyed cooking and have had the dream of opening up my own business that would offer a rare look and experience into the foods that we enjoy back home in Kenya [Africa],” said Owino.

“My tribe is known as the Luo Tribe.”

He started Rafikiz Foods in 2016 and has been serving local communities throughout Southern California.

Most of the food on the menu at Rafikiz Foods uses a variety of family recipes and spices along with a few that Owino added himself.

The signature dish is the black-eyed peas, which Owino describes as having a creamy and distinct flavor of their own. They also offer a wide range of vegan options such as curry cabbage, plantain stew, collard greens and coconut rice. For customers that enjoy eating meat, Rafikiz Foods offers a flavored chicken stew, and a beef stew as well.

“Many of our dishes are vibrant in color but maintain the most amazing textures and flavors,” said Owino. “No matter how you combine each item—they all work well together.”

Rafikiz Foods owner, Sylvester Owino
Courtesy Photo

Owino looks forward to returning to TOS and meeting the crowd with his wholesome food. This will be his third year attending TOS, his first being in 2016.

“I have enjoyed participating in this event,” said Owino. “There are so many people from many places that have come and attended this event.

“There is such a high energy throughout the day along with an atmosphere that is amazing.”

As mentioned earlier, TOS offers a bevy of food from all around and you are sure to find some classic and guilty pleasures. If you are looking for food with a familiar comfort, you might want to stop by Rafikiz Foods.

“I would like to thank all of those who have enjoyed my food,” said Owino. “Your support and feedback has been incredible.”
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