(photos by E. Mesiyah McGinnis and CD 10)

The rain came down in buckets, but that didn’t stop more than 1,000 residents from bringing items to the Community Recycling Event sponsored by Mothers In Action on March 23.

Vehicles lined up for blocks with people discarding dead batteries, aerosol cans, paint, solvents, motor oil, lights, electronics, and old medication. Five hundred residents disposed of hazardous waste using the Redzone service while another 500 shredded sensitive documents and recycled tires.

(photos by E. Mesiyah McGinnis and CD 10)

“It rained on our heads for hours, but everything turned out great,” exclaimed MMIA President Tracy Mitchell.

“In addition to offering the recycling services, we distributed reusable bags filled with information on identity theft, renewable clean hydrogen energy systems, water replenishment, bulky drop off locations, safe center locations for hazardous waste, illegal dumping information,” she said.

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(photos by E. Mesiyah McGinnis and CD 10)

“Also, attendees received kitchen pails to recycle food waste, oil buckets, funnels, auto shop cleaning cloths, sunflower seeds, a miniature flashlight, and a Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper.

As usual, Mitchell commended the “MIA village” for donating time and talents to the successful project. The volunteers included people of all ages as well as representatives from community groups, city department, private companies, and other government agencies.

(photos by E. Mesiyah McGinnis and CD 10)

“Mothers In Action is so grateful for our community partnership with L.A. Sanitation, L.A. Sentinel, Taste of Soul, ECWA, Copy City, Alliance for Renewable Clean Hydrogen Energy Solutions (ARCHES), Water Replenishment District (WRD), LA Conservation Corps, LAPD South Traffic Community Traffic Safety Unit (CTSU) and LAPD Southwest. Through the Rain and sunshine, we got it done! #We are stronger together,” insisted Mitchell.

(photos by E. Mesiyah McGinnis and CD 10)

“Also, thank you to our village of volunteers that included high school and middle school students from Mothers In Action mentoring program (Mya Angel Chamberlain, Mitchell Thomas, Kyan Conner, Taylor Mancine, CoCo), and our 11-year-old dedicated volunteer, Natalie, and her mom.  Also, we appreciate the contributions of Stephanie Roy, Latrice Slaughter, Ebonie McCrae, Renee Shackleford, Jenee Smith, Kathy Guyton, Ron Randle and Sheila Reed of ARCHES, Iliana from City National Bank, and Pat Sanders, who provided voter registration materials.”

(photos by E. Mesiyah McGinnis and CD 10)

Mitchell concluded by expressing special thanks to Councilmember Heather Hutt for supporting and attending the event, neighboring businesses “that allowed us to inconvenience parking during the hours of event,” MIA staffers Carrell Howard and Robert Anderson, Krispy Kreme, and Starbucks.


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