Team USA

Vaulting to Victory: Dominique Dawes road to success in Gymnastics

For a long time, Black women were not seen much in gymnastics, lacking opportunities to shine in the sport. Thanks to Dominique Dawes, the narrative in gymnastics started to change, giving hope to aspiring Black gymnasts everywhere. She broke barriers and inspired others to follow their dreams, proving that anyone can achieve greatness with hard work and determination.

Student Athlete of the Week: Solomon Bailey

Crossroads freshman guard Solomon “Solo” Bailey has basketball in his DNA. Having a mother who played division I softball in college and a father who played pro basketball, Bailey has been emersed in sports since a young age. Throughout his life, Bailey moved frequently as his father competed in several different countries.

SoCal Legends: Max Irving

Max Irving found tremendous success in water polo. His skill and talent led him to UCLA and a pro career overseas. He also competed with Team USA Men’s water polo during the Tokyo Olympics.