racial profiling

Prostate Cancer Rising in Black America 

Whether it is other philanthropists, local or regional health centers, or state and federal officials, there is a desperate need for creative solutions to getting more people screened and saving more lives. Smith’s initiative is an innovative approach, but there are other ways to spread awareness and boost screenings in the Black community.  

Not Until

I recently read about another African American man by the name of Andre Hill that was killed by a White police officer in Ohio. The officer mistakenly thought a cell phone Mr. Hill had in his hand was a gun. I also just read that since the death of George Floyd, there have been at least 76 Black people killed by White police officers.

Black Couple Files Racial Profiling Lawsuit Against Nike

The child’s mother, TaMiya Dickerson, claimed that “Being in that store and seeing him play with that ball was really a special moment, and it was robbed from us … which hurts me the most because it’s not something that we can’t get back.”

California panel takes up complex task: end racial profiling

California panel tasked with attempting to eradicate racial profiling by police held its first meeting Friday, with the nation stunned by the police shootings of two black men in Minnesota and Louisiana, followed by the Dallas attack that killed five officers.

Pepperdine Campus Meeting Addresses Racial Profiling

Pepperdine Student Government Association president Ima Idahosa (center) noted at a recent campus-wide meeting, addressing racism at the school, that hateful racist comments were circulated across the campus in a computer app called Yik Yak. (photo courtesy of community.pepperdine.edu.) The president of Pepperdine University has alleged that minority professors and students have been pulled over by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies in nearby Malibu for what he called “driving while black,” it was reported last week. University President Andrew K. Benton made the claim as he stood in front of an all-campus meeting on November 16 at the Malibu

Racially Discriminatory Oil Drilling Alleged in L.A. Lawsuit

Youth groups and community organizations sued the City of Los Angeles last week for allegedly allowing oil companies to drill hundreds of contaminating wells near homes which they say exposed black and Latino residents to health and safety risks in violation of state environmental laws. The lawsuit — brought on behalf of youths living near oil drilling sites in South Los Angeles and Wilmington — contends the city systematically violated the California Environmental Quality Act by routinely exempting new wells and other changes at oil extraction sites from required environmental reviews. A call for comment left with a spokesman for