Keith L. Underwood

Eriq La Salle Named Leimert Park Book Fair Ambassador 

He was a student at Julliard, and then graduated from New York University with a graduate degree in Theatre. La Salle says that strong foundation in his craft gave him the confidence, to further his career in acting. However, his beginnings in acting did not come without its challenges. 

Backstage Pass into World of Film and TV Producer Angela White

The applauded 2022 film, “The Inspection,” is just one of the notable credits on film and television producer Angela White’s resume. She was also a producer on the first season of the comedy series “A La Carte,” the crime drama series “Lace,” and the faith-based film “A Question of Faith.”

Dancer and Choreographer Finds a Home at “A Place Called Home”

Jewel Delegall is the Chief Program Officer at A Place Called Home (APCH). For 30 years, the organization has empowered underserved youth through programs in education, arts, and well-being. These services are designed to teach them to take ownership of the quality and direction of their lives.

Ananda Lewis Featured in OWN TV’s “Rebuilding Black Wall Street.”

The Tulsa Race Massacre was an eighteen-hour ordeal occurring from May 31 through June 1, 1921. The mostly Black neighborhood of Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma was attacked by a white mob, destroying homes and businesses. Between 150 and 300 people lost their lives in one of the most heinous acts of racial violence in United States history.

Rah Digga: One of the Most Prolific Female MCs in Hip Hop

Digga says the media is constantly trying to pit female rappers against one another. But she argues that if you put most of these rappers in the same space, and if they began talking to another, they would see many similarities in their journeys.

Jay Hunter: Surviving Hollywood!

Actor Jay Hunter  best known for his roles in “And Just Like That,” “The Rookie,” “Tyler Perry’s If Loving You is Wrong,” and “Tyler Perry’s Acrimony”  is comfortable revealing his highs and lows in Hollywood. In fact, he says he is more than willing to talk about it with anyone who might find inspiration in it.

Let’s Talk About Tanya Hart!

In 1994, Hart hosted E! Entertainment’s “Gossip Show.” The program aired for six years in 140 countries all around the world. She would eventually be joined by co-host, television personality Downtown Julie Brown. Hart has also “dished tea” on daytime television tabloid show, “The Geraldo Rivera Show.”

The Karyn White Experience – Beyond Superwoman

R&B singer and songwriter Karyn White calls singing the heartbeat of her life. She also acknowledges loving the attention singing has brought to her, especially now returning to her craft after a self-imposed hiatus.