Kandee Lewis

CD 8 Hosts Spectacular Tree Lighting and Groundbreaking Event

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the holiday spirit is in full swing, and the community came together in a dazzling display of lights and festivities at the “Eighth Annual It’s Lit Tree Lighting” at Broadway and Century this past week. The celebration, a tradition for the community, was kicked off with the lighting of an awe-inspiring 40-foot holiday tree. Council President Pro Tem Marqueece Harris-Dawson, a driving force behind the event, broke ground on a transformative project set to invest over $120 million in the Broadway-Manchester streetscape. Related Links: https://lasentinel.net/cd-8s-babas-vegan-cafe-receives-reusable-foodware.html https://lasentinel.net/cd-8-celebrates-south-l-a-strong-summer-program-with-pool-party-extravaganza.html This ambitious project, known as Broadway Sur, aims to enhance

Everyone Has A Story

Everyone Has a Story to Tell. Some have multiple stories about their lives and experiences and are only too happy to tell you all about them. There are other people who you have to coax every little thing out of them. They never share stories or talk about the past. But if you only knew the secrets locked up inside of them, about abuse, addiction, anger, abandonment, sexual violence, and the gut-wrenching pain of trauma, you would be amazed, scared, or give them the side-eye as you move far away as fast as you can. 

Violence Towards Black Females Continues

Death is tragic, but when it is someone you know it is even more devastating. I along with many others are still in shock after hearing about the senseless murder of Michelle Avan.  This shining light and rising star was murdered.

Positive Results Corp. Annual Purple Purse Tea Party Honors Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas With Champion of Peace Award

The Positive Results Corporation Honored Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas with the Champion of Peace Award at its fourth annual awards dinner and fundraiser. The dinner was held at the Carson Community Center on Sunday, October 27. Raising money for the foundation, over three hundred guests enjoyed music, dancing, and a silent auction. The afternoon ended with a panel discussing surviving domestic violence.

Wendy’s Window: What is the Plus in the PLUS Awards?

I’ve always been grateful for people who go above and beyond and have a heart for helping others. As a child I experienced abandonment by my biological mother and sexual abuse by my father.  I was raised primarily by my paternal grandmother who instilled certain core values into me that have guided my life.  My grandmother encouraged my activities in school, church and community and because of the various activities I was involved with, I became a “product of the community.”  As I worked in the community, the community sowed back into my life. Many people went above and beyond to help me, and they became the PLUS in my life.