John Singleton

Actress Who Sought Contingent Compensation from `Hustle & Flow’ May Settle

A “Hustle & Flow” actress and a production company formed by the late director John Singleton are working on the completion of a settlement of her lawsuit alleging she is owed contingent compensation from the 2005 film he co-produced, attorneys told a judge today. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Bruce G. Iwasaki was presented the update during a hearing in the case brought in November 2021 by plaintiff Taryn Manning against Crunk Pictures LLC, alleging breach of contract and also seeking an accounting. The judge set a June 23 hearing for a further update. According to Manning, she is owed under a May 2004 agreement with Crunk

A Leader Without Authority: The Jamaa Fanaka Story

In a day and age in which up-and-coming filmmakers aspire to be the next Spike Lee, John Singleton, or Ryan Coogler, many are unaware that their forefather was Jamaa Fanaka. Once heralded as “The most famous unknown filmmaker in America” by Turner Movie Classics, Fanaka was a preeminent auteur (writer, director, producer) in the 1970s and ‘80s.

Rep. Waters Applauds Tyler Perry for Historic Grand Opening of Tyler Perry Studios

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-43) wrote a letter of commendation to Tyler Perry – the first African American to own a major movie studio – following the grand opening of the Tyler Perry Studios, which Congresswoman Waters attended in Atlanta. The 330-acre major motion picture studio is “one of the largest production facilities in the country” and includes “40 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, 12 sound stages, 200 acres of greenspace, and a diverse backlot.” Her letter follows:


LOS ANGELES, Calif. (August 30, 2019) – Colleagues of the late iconic filmmaker, John Singleton, are excited to serve as judges and advisors for the John Singleton embRACE L.A. Short Film Competition. The notable film and entertainment experts include: Stephanie Allain, Robi Reed, Paul Hall, Preston Holmes, Bobbi Banks, Dawn Gilliam, Camile Tucker, Erika Conner, and Pat Prescott.

Walter Mosley Brings Life to FX’s ‘Snowfall’

First impression, Walter Mosley, author and consulting producer/writer on FX’s “Snowfall” for the past two seasons, has a distinctive and comforting voice. His cadence reminded me of jazz.  He confessed that he doesn’t like his voice suggesting that it’s nothing special. I will agree to disagree.

A look into the creative mind of writer-director-producer Dallas Jackson

Writer, director and producer Dallas Jackson is methodically building his entertainment empire. This news is a reason to celebrate because Mr. Jackson is unapologetically Black and more to the point, he’s making it his mission to open those closed doors for other gifted people of color. If you are one of the millions of Netflix customers then you might already know the work of the very talented Jackson because his slasher film “Thriller” is now playing on the streaming giant. “Thriller” is not your usual horror-slasher movie. To begin, it is executive produced and scored by rapper RZA — add 100 points