Meet Bijon Bates of Projects & Politics 

Los Angeles native Bijon Bates embraced the cyber shift more than 10 years ago after co-founding hip-hop blog “WestSideStoryy” (WSS) from 2012-2016. Fast forward to 2022, he has since interviewed esteemed producer D.J. Battlecat, Pro Image designer A. Brims, and local artists like Niko G4, Mani Coolin’, Jay Ward, and more. On the last day of Black Music Month, Bates sat down with the L.A. Sentinel to share his perspective on hip-hop’s journey with the internet.

Sebastien Elkouby’s ‘Global Awareness Through Hip Hop Culture Program’ Teaches Students Everything They Need to Know About Hip Hop  

Founded by Sebastien Elkouby, the Global Awareness Through Hip Hop Culture program (GATHC) is a UC approved, college-preparatory high school course, currently being taught at View Park Preparatory High School in South Los Angeles. This program offers students the opportunity to learn the history and culture behind the popular music genre which can be later used as a tool to pursue a career in Arts, Media, and Entertainment.  

Black Women In Modern Hip-Hop Gives Us Mor

It’s time to experience a new flavor in hip-hop: presenting Mor, a Black female rap artist. Mor has soundwaves that can knock down walls, while demolishing a heavily cemented feeling surrounding Black women in hip-hop; the feeling that they are second to the greats. Mor is more and she breaks it all down in an exclusive interview with Los Angeles Sentinel.

Jody Watley… the Gold Standard of Artistry

Jody Watley is the gold standard of artistry. A brilliant songwriter, artist, entrepreneur, producer, and visionary. When you visit Jody Watley YouTube Channel, experience “All Things Jody Watley,” including concert features, interviews of the Grammy Award-winning artist and more.  

Hip-Hop Professor & Producer I AM Augie Ray Showcases First Solo Debut As Visual Artist

Grammy-winning producer and emerging visual artist I AM Augie Ray will showcase his official solo debut, The R.E.D. Art Show, at The LA Art Box July 29 – 31.The immersive exhibition features 30 mixed-media works and an accompanying five-song EP exploring the notion of Raw Emotional Dissonance (R.E.D.) Located at 8020 Melrose Avenue, The LA Art Box is in West Hollywood.

National Museum of African American Music Opens in Nashville 

From rock and roll to blues, jazz, and hip-hop, music is as much the African American way of life as the afro was Black people’s style in the 1970s. Finally honoring that history, the National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) has opened in Nashville, Tenn.