All Chill Inc provides a selection of ice cream and sorbets in Leimert Park.

All Chill Inc. is a hip-hop ice cream shop located in the heart of Leimert Park. Founded by husband and wife, Julian Petty and Genelle Brooks-Petty, All Chill is a unique blend of hip-hop infused with a variety of ice creams. 

Co-owner Genelle grew up and lives in Leimert Park, so it was only right to bring her love for ice cream to her community. Genelle said there wasn’t a good artisanal ice cream shop close by, and she used to have to travel to find the type of ice cream she liked. 

So, my wheels started turning a few years ago,” Genelle explained.  “The idea was kicked into high gear when I saw a ‘For Rent’ sign at our current location and called.” 

She also researched how to start a shop and talked to friends in the restaurant business to help develop a plan, as well as convince her husband that this was a “solid idea.” 

Her family has been in Leimert since the 1940s or 50s. She moved away for some years, but found her way back as her and her husband purchased their first home together 10 years ago. 

“We asked ourselves how we could be a part of the community in meaningful ways, and this is one of the avenues we have used to pour into the community we love,” Genelle emphasized. 

Genelle is the ice cream developer and has two other people who help produce. The flavors are inspired by her life, personal journey, travels, other local food makers and growers, and her “whims.”  

“I like to explore through food and this is a flavor lab,” Genelle emphasized. 

All Chill has a variation of flavors of ice creams, sorbets, and dairy free from Honey Lavender, Smoked Olive Oil, Sweet Cream, to Cookies + Cream, Almond, and many more. Genelle told the Sentinel that her favorite flavor changes often. 

“I like so many of the recipes and recommend people try a few things to get to the best for their mood,” she stated. “I think they are best as pairs…Smoked Olive Oil with Rose Vanilla, Salted Caramel Ribbons with Whiskey Praline or Cookies + Creme with Almond….there are so many options!” 

Julian and Genelle’s love for hip-hop is tangible as the shop owners have creatively implemented their love for music virtually creating a music exhibit. The shop features a variety of memorabilia honoring their love for the popular music genre. Vintage party flyers, magazines, t-shirts, and more can all be viewed while enjoying ice cream made with love.  

Genelle expressed how hip-hop is a wonderful piece of Black culture that has become popular culture, explaining how both her and Julian (who still does) have worked in the music industry. 

“He (Julian) has an extensive collection of hip hop memorabilia, books, photos and more that we display at the shop. It is a perfect subject to explore alongside the simple joy of ice cream,” Genelle said. 

All Chill does pop-ups on weekends and is currently under construction, but are being hosted at Hot & Cool Café around the corner from their permanent location on Saturdays and Sundays. They can also be found at Prosperity Market and can be commissioned for scoop services, tasting events, and ice cream making classes. 

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