Rev. Kelvin Sauls (File photo)

Resurrection Sunday is a launchpad for a season of personal renewal and societal revival!  Resurrection Sunday is more than another moment to justify unnecessary consumerism nor supplying apartheid Israel with another round of weapons for mass destruction.

Resurrection is a call to level-up in our emancipatory movement-building to abolish socio-political and economically deodorized stones that keep people in graves of inequity and indifference!  Truth be told, Resurrection is a means to understand the might of the message about the liberation movement of a man born in colonization and raised in occupation.

It’s no secret that some parts of the Black prophetic and progressive faith movement in the US appears to have allowed itself to be co-opted and corrupted, restrained and repressed, bought, and bossed around by a Biden/Harris administration that has continue orchestrate and facilitate crucifixion experiences in many countries of color such as Haiti, Cuba, Sudan and other African countries in the Sahel region.

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If Resurrection is going to be meaningful, followers of a liberation Jesus cannot… must not be muted about policies and schemes that advance crucifixion on our relatives. and kin elsewhere. For me as Black migrant in America, foreign policy is local, and the economy is directly connected with migration! Jesus got up!  When you gonna wake up, speak up, and rise up?

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is not an excuse into escapism nor denialism. To the contrary, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is a clarion call to activism and repudiatism. Resurrection is a reset for followers of Jesus Christ to organizing and mobilize around the declaration, “It is Finished!”

As a Resurrection people, our followship of Jesus is fueled by a faith that deliberately catalyzes for the disruption and abolition of schemes and systems that strategically foist crucifixion-like experiences on children, transition-age youth, adults, and families.  Especially the short-sighted and short-lived systems and deodorized and anesthetized schemes.  He got up, so that we can rise up, and move beyond the analysis of paralysis!

In a community, city, county, and country where “Good Friday experiences” are daily occurrences, the message and meaning, power and call to a people of the Resurrection must be more than pomp and circumstance.  Instead of activities centered around egg-shaped candy and bunnies, we must reclaim the butterfly and spring forward into courageous activities that will protect the eggs of women!

As followers of Jesus, born and raised in Palestine and killed by the Roman Empire in collaboration with Jewish conspirators, we must reset our faith with Resurrection power and purpose!  A Resurrection faith that activates and advances life to the fullest.

God’s chosen actions are deliberate acts of diverse inclusion and equitable belonging!  Any faith that justifies exclusion and is complicit in acts of deliberate displacement through genocide – from Palestine to Sudan – is spiritually moribund and destined for sinking sand.

A Resurrection faith is not indifferent to the global epidemic of gender-based violence, corruption, discrimination, voter suppression, inequity, nor any person or policy that levels crucifixion on anyone. He got up, conquered crucifixion, and invites us into intersections of pain that can be transformed into pathways of new possibilities.

Our cross-shaped intersection has an empty tomb as its destination. Jesus got up, when will you rise above the civic religiosity and embrace the tenets of soul force. “Wake up sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you” Ephesians 5:10).

Through the Resurrection, God continues to demonstrate divine readiness and ability, capability and willingness to roll away stones – regardless of ideology or theology, size or staple – that seek to keep us in mental, emotional, social, spiritual and political graves!  “It is Finished!”  Because Jesus rose, you can rise up!  You can rise beyond deception and hypocrisy!

True Resurrection is more than just temporary resuscitation!  It ain’t just enough to wake up!!  The time has come and is now for us to rise up.  The Resurrection message and mandate is to rise up as protagonist for the abolition of policies and institutions that advance and amplify, justify and advocate for the social, political, spiritual and economic crucifixion of people.

Jesus rose.  What you gonna do?  “…and if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is vain [useless, amounting to nothing], and your faith is also vain [imaginary, unfounded, devoid of value and benefit—not based on truth].” – 1 Corinthians 15:14.

Jesus got up!  Will you rise up and pledge a higher allegiance that will challenge hypocrisy and forked-tongue diplomacy by tbe Biden-Harris Administration!  Truth be told, Resurrection is a means to understand the might of the message about the liberation movement of a man born in colonization, raised in occupation, and always committed to the liberation of oppressed people everywhere!

Rise again…and again…and again, because “in’t no power on earth can tie (Jesus-followers) down. Death cant keep (an Easter people) in the ground!!”

He got up!!  Tell me, can you see Him?