The Millennial Moment

The year 2017 finds the Golden State struggling to manage challenges of modernity, scarcity, innovation, and demographics as these realities cause great unease. While all this occurs, a new generation has arisen: the millennials. The largest generation in American history (topping some 92 million people) is positioned to redefine every facet of life.

The Taste of Soul Circulates Money through Black-owned Businesses

The Taste of Soul celebrated 10 years of bringing hundreds of businesses to the Crenshaw community on Saturday, Oct. 17. Since its inception, the festival that brings hundreds of thousands of people out has worked to showcase the different businesses in the Crenshaw and Black communities throughout the city. “I started doing the Taste of Soul back in 2013 and it’s been a really good experience for me. It’s gotten me a lot of business. I’ve picked up a lot of references from doing Taste of Soul,” said Shawn Black, owner of Big Ronnie’s barbecue. “It definitely shows unity for