Crenshaw Christian Center

Robert Rubin – An Unsung Hero in L.A.’s Faith Community

Robert Rubin, the executive director of the Vermont Village Community Development Corporation, has committed his life to social justice and community development for people living in South Los Angeles. South Los Angeles has experienced poverty, crime, drug addiction, gang violence, homelessness, civil unrest, and political upheaval. But there is one unsung hero consistently changing a negative narrative in a God inspired message of hope. Robert Rubin is that unsung hero for social justice and community development.

Evans Retires as VP of Marketing from Crenshaw Christian Center

Although Evans says the last couple of years without the Apostle, who passed away from complications of COVID in 2021, have been difficult for the church, he is confident that CCC and EIF will continue to evolve in a way that uplifts lives and honors the Word of God.

Savelle Commends Crenshaw Christian Center’s Strong Legacy of Faith

In an intimate service reminiscent of a family reunion wrapped in a powerful message of recovery, release, restoration, and fresh beginnings, Dr. Jerry Savelle encouraged those gathered in the historic Faithdome to acknowledge the legacy of the man who started them on their walk of faith while looking to the future.  

Wellness Day for LAFD South Bureau Restores First Responders

On Wednesday, June 21, Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC) hosted the Los Angeles City Fire Department’s South Bureau for a day of self-care. Battalion staff from the Harbor area, South Los Angeles, Mid City and Century City — 26 stations in all, streamed in and out between emergency calls to become better equipped to serve community residents.

Charismatic Bishop Elevates Crenshaw Christian Center with Inspiring Sermon

Befitting the occasion of Crenshaw Christian Center’s 50th anniversary, guest speaker Bishop Jarron C. O’Neal recently visited the legendary Los Angeles sanctuary to celebrate the legacy of faith, vision and grit that has helped CCC endure amid seismic social and technological changes.

Dr. Phillip Goudeaux – ‘Let God’s Vision Take You Higher’

: “I stepped out boldly and did what God told me to do,” proclaimed Dr. Phillip Goudeaux, pastor of Calvary Christian Center in Sacramento, CA,  and the guest speaker at Crenshaw Christian Center as the vaunted church celebrates its 50th anniversary with a year-long series of distinguished guests and special events.

Lady Angel Price Co-Leads Crenshaw Christian Center Through New Season

Lady Angel Price, the daughter of a prison outreach minister, has been attending CCC since the tender age of three. It is where she grew in her faith, met her future husband, and marked many blessed milestones in her life, including her baptism, nuptials, and the baptismal of her children.

Bailey Teaches ‘Trusting God is the Currency of the Kingdom’

“The word of God says He is bringing forth water in the desert,” said Minister Bailey. “It doesn’t have to be logical; it doesn’t have to add up. The economy of heaven is higher than this economy we live in,” says Minister Mignonette Bailey.

Winston Aims to Unlock Greatness Through Operation Ten City

Aiming to unlock the greatness in people, the Rev. Dr. Bill Winston launched Operation Ten City (OTC) by partnering with faith leaders and the economic development corporations to promote wealth creation and economic empowerment in Black and Brown communities.

Dr. Betty R. Price: A Timeless Woman of God

Through the death of a child, a challenging bout with cancer, and the loss of her husband of 69 years to COVID-19, Dr. Betty Price has always turned to the same place for solace and strength: the Word of God.