Dr. Creflo Dollar teaching at Crenshaw Christian Center on September 24. (Courtesy photo)


He’s the world-famous founder and senior pastor of World Changers Church International; a controversial preacher whose Prosperity Gospel has inspired millions. Yet, during his recent guest appearance at Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC), Dr. Creflo Dollar seemed more like a modern-day Job, the prosperous biblical prophet who maintained his faith in God even after his tremendous fortune and good health were stripped away.

As Pastor Dollar explained during a September 24 appearance at the Faithdome at CCC, his life was recently rocked by a series of devastating medical diagnoses including COVID-19, shingles, pulmonary blood clots and even cancer.

He then revealed that he persevered, thanks in no small part to the support of the CCC family, including church co-founder Dr. Betty Price, pastor Dr. Frederick K. Price, and the late, legendary CCC founder, Apostle Frederick K.C. Price.

Pastor Dollar recalled receiving supportive phone calls and more from the Prices; consistent expressions of concern that gave the Georgia preacher the strength to heal and endure.

“Sometimes, when you’re under attack…for God to use somebody to just come to your rescue, (somebody) to say, ‘I’m there,’” Pastor Dollar told the CCC crowd. “This church stood up for us.”

Parishioners welcome Dr. Dollar. (Courtesy photo)

Pastor Dollar is the most recent, high profile guest pastor to visit CCC during the church’s 50th anniversary Jubilee Celebration. Guest speakers thus far in 2023 have included Bishop Jarron C. O’Neal, Apostle Beverly “BAM” Crawford, Pastor Kenneth W. Hagin and Pastor Phillip George Goodeaux, Jr., among distinguished others. Speakers scheduled for the remainder of the year include Dr. William M. Wilson (Oct. 22), and Bishop Wiley Jackson (Nov. 26).

Creating a warm ambiance reminiscent of a family reunion, Pastor Dollar spoke passionately of how the Price family has impacted his life. His love and admiration for CCC’s founding family was palpable, and the affection proved to be mutual, as the Price family joined the CCC congregation in greeting Pastor Dollar with a standing ovation as he stepped to the pulpit.

Dressed in an impeccable gray three-piece suit, crisp white shirt and blue tie, Pastor Dollar piled praise and gifts on Dr. Betty Price and her children. The Georgia pastor used much of his guest sermon to celebrate the legacy of CCC and its dynamic founder, Dr. Frederick K.C. Price, who he recalled as an uncompromising man of God.

Dr. Creflo and Taffi Dollar, Dr. Betty Price, Lady Angel, and Dr. Frederick K. Price. (Courtesy photo)

“Apostle Price was not a people pleaser,” Pastor Dollar told the congregation, as well as those viewing the Sunday service online. “He could not have done what he did if he cared what people thought. He could not have left the mark he did if he wasn’t delivered from people. Apostle Price could be in a room with 100 men, and if what they wanted him to do wasn’t the will of God, he wasn’t doing it. He was his own man.”

The tendency of some believers to seek the validation of people over the will of God is what Pastor Dollar has dubbed “Approval Addiction,” a behavioral condition marked by a fear of rejection, a tendency to “go along to get along,” or often agree to do things against one’s true desires. It’s a well-intentioned, yet harmful condition that often causes people to be anxious and over-apologetic which, in turn, fosters low self-esteem.

The visiting pastor prompted laughter as he listed examples of Approval Addiction, including the tendency for some parents to misguidedly seek the consent of their children (“Who is the adult?” Pastor Dollar asked rhetorically). He cited the example of people who may be afraid to dress as they like for fear of rejection. Others buy cars or homes they can’t afford. With the proliferation of social media, “folks are out there seeking likes from so-called friends they don’t even know,” Pastor Dollar said.

Pastor Dollar quoted Thessalonians 2:4, which says, in part: “We are not trying to please people, but God, who tests our hearts.” For his part, Pastor Dollar employed a more down-home way of making the point: “Don’t get me wrong – I love people,” Pastor Dollar said, “but people are not going to stop me from doing what God wants me to do.

“This constant quest for the approval of others is dangerous for your self-esteem, self-worth, mental health and can affect all aspects of your life,” the visiting preacher said, with his wife and World Changers Church International co-pastor, Taffi, looking on from the Faithdome front row. “How freeing it is to learn how to be the authentic you.”

An attentive crowd listens to Dr. Dollar. (Courtesy photo)

To support his statement, Pastor Dollar cited Galatians 1:10, which states: “Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I am still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.”

“How many Christians are struggling on the wrong path because they fear man, and not God?” Pastor Dollar implored. “How many are in bondage because they love the praise of man more than they love the praise of God? Approval Addiction can change your destiny and keep you from your purposeful eternity.”

In a closing prayer, the father of five once again evoked the name of the late Apostle Price, assuring those in attendance that they would experience a shift in character and integrity once they freed themselves of conformity.

“Father, thank you for the life lessons we have learned from such a man as Apostle Price, whose desire was to please God,” Pastor Dollar prayed. “Let us gain from that example and may the next 50 years be that of navigated change, true freedom, and crystal-clear vision that all that is needed to move forward is here. The best is yet to come.”