From left are Dr. Frederick K. Price, Lady Angel Price, Dr. Betty R. Price, First Lady Mary Jackson and Bishop Wiley Jackson. (Courtesy photo)

Guest Speaker Bishop Wiley Jackson, civic leaders, family and followers honor the late Apostle Frederick K.C. Price

In one of the Bible’s most celebrated passages, the Book of Ecclesiastes reminds us there is a season for everything, including “a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance.”

Taking that cherished passage to heart, Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC) officially concluded its year-long 50th anniversary celebration with a decidedly Ecclesiastic service that prompted laughter and weeping, mourning and singing, soulful reflection and rhapsodic anticipation of a bright future. As apropos for a legacy celebration, Sunday’s service honored CCC’s pioneering founder, the late Apostle Frederick K.C. Price.

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Featuring a keynote sermon by esteemed guest speaker Bishop Wiley Jackson, dozens of distinguished attendees heaped praise on the late Apostle Price, employing adjectives like “iconic,” “consistent” and “awesome” to describe the world-altering impact of the Apostle’s vision and accomplishments.

“It is important that we remember the Apostle,” said Price’s son and current CCC pastor, Dr. Frederick K. Price. “He is the reason we have a jubilee year. If it weren’t for him answering the call from God, we wouldn’t be here today. Let’s praise God for our Apostle! Thank you, Daddy! We love you, Daddy, and we will continue your legacy.”

Dr. Frederick K. Price offers remarks about his father, Apostle Price. (Courtesy photo)

Apostle Price passed away February 12, 2021 from complications of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. A global lockdown resulting from the spread of the virulent disease compelled governments worldwide to mandate precautionary measures that sharply curtailed social interactions. Thus, attendance for Apostle Price’s memorial was limited. For many, last Sunday’s CCC service marked a long-awaited opportunity to finally pay homage to the trailblazing pastor whose trademark phrase still echoes today: “We walk by faith, not by sight.”

Feelings of adoration and gratitude for Apostle Price were palpable during Sunday’s service. Appreciation came in the form of live remarks, prayers, musical tributes, video montages and recorded messages, along with a host of awards, proclamations and certificates of recognition. Among the participants recognizing CCC for its profound impact were representatives from the offices of Governor Gavin Newsom, Los Angeles Mayor Karen R. Bass, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Los Angeles City Council, Los Angeles Fire Department, Los Angeles Police Department, American Red Cross, Union Rescue Mission, and a host of others.

All of these participants testified to CCC’s generosity, partnership, and abiding commitment to the community. Today, that commitment includes conducting monthly blood drives, supporting initiatives to benefit the homeless, mentally ill and foster youth, joining training and community outreach initiatives for the city’s fire and police departments, hosting funeral services for those in service to the city, and more.

Jerry Mitchell sings a special melody. (Courtesy photo)
Gertrude Bradley sings “I’ve Just Seen Jesus.” (Courtesy photo)

To his followers and others, Frederick K.C. Price was known as “The Apostle,” but in a poignant video tribute to their grandfather, his adult grandchildren revealed that the evangelical legend was just “grandpa” to them.

“He liked jelly beans, “recalled his oldest grandson, “And he was kind of like that…hard on the outside, but soft and gooey on the inside.”

Apostle Price’s granddaughter echoed those fond sentiments: “He was a good guy, one of the best.”

Fighting back tears, Apostle Price’s daughters, Angela Marie Evans, Cheryl Ann Price and Stephanie Pauline Buchanan spoke about their father’s personal impact, recalling his integrity, unconditional love, high moral character and commitment to absolute excellence in all his endeavors. Their mother, CCC co-founder, Dr. Betty Price, expressed how grateful she is to have been married to such an exceptional husband, father and man of God.

In introducing guest speaker Bishop Wiley Jackson of Atlanta’s Word In Action Church, Dr. Price said there was no one more fitting to speak about his father. He described Bishop Jackson as his father’s” John The Baptist.” Indeed, much like the Biblical preacher, John the Baptist, unabashedly spread the good news of Jesus Christ, so has Bishop Jackson spread the beneficent spirit of CCC’s world-renowned founder.

During the moving sermon that followed, Bishop Jackson regaled attendees with his recollections of Apostle Price. Having sensed the Apostle’s devotion, charisma and character from television broadcasts, Bishop Wiley boarded a Greyhound bus from Atlanta to Los Angeles to experience the CCC founder’s wondering-working magic for himself. Sunday, the Bishop likened the experience of seeing, hearing and touching Apostle Price to that of the apostles and their encounter with Jesus Christ in 1 John 1:3.

Bishop Wiley Jackson shares his message and news about a just completed book on the life of Apostle Frederick K.C. Price. (Courtesy photo)

“When I saw the Apostle’s work and what he was doing, I said, to use language for this generation, ‘this dude is different,’” said Bishop Jackson. “This dude is an icon; a legend walking amongst us. I knew I needed to let the world know about him. God put faith in his flesh in a way we could all relate to. God used me to become the Apostle’s spokesperson.”

Just as he continues to be a strong supporter of Apostle Price, Bishop Wiley — in a reassuring vote of confidence — voiced his rock-solid belief that current CCC pastor Frederick K. Price will continue his father’s far-reaching apostolic legacy.

“Don’t flinch, be sure,” Bishop Jackson told CCC Pastor Price. “Don’t worry about my generation, because we are gonna fuss about everything. God chose you because he already knew you could do it.”

The Sunday, November 26 service marked the end of CCC’s 50th Anniversary Jubilee Celebration series. Over the course of the last year, CCC has welcomed a constellation of world-renowned church leaders, including Dr. Creflo Dollar, Bishop Jarron C. O’Neal, Apostle Beverly “BAM” Crawford, Pastor Kenneth W. Hagin, Dr. Phillip Goudeaux, and more. Details at

Apostle Price’s longtime personal assistant, Quincy Watts, shares about his beloved assignment which spanned 45 years. (Courtesy photo)
Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief Emada Tingirides makes a presentation. (Courtesy photo)
Los Angeles Fire Department Assistant Chief Antoine McKnight makes a presentation. (Courtesy photo)
From left are Valerie Lodium, Joanna Nowlin, and Gerald Thomas of the Los Angeles Region American Red Cross present a plaque to Dr. Price, 2nd from right. (Courtesy photo)
Richard Newcomb of Union Rescue Mission presents Dr. Frederick K. Price with a proclamation and a special Angels of Inspiration Award. (Courtesy photo)
Asya Evelyn of Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ office presents Dr. Frederick K. Price with a Certificate of Special Recognition.  (Courtesy photo)