Dr. Betty delivers her message at Wisdom From Above. (Courtesy photo)


She is the timeless picture of grace, joy, humility, love, strength, perseverance, a good heart and much more. A life well-lived and well-given for the benefit of others, Dr. Betty Ruth Price embraced a sold-out crowd of 600 at the 45th Annual Wisdom From Above Luncheon on Saturday, October 28th to impart lived experience and Godly wisdom for life success.

Held at the Sheraton Gateway LAX, ladies from across the country showed up to sit at her feet, and to honor her for a lifetime of serving and uplifting others and pointing them to all that God has for them through His Word.

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Her message entitled, “Guard Your Heart,” encouraged attendees to reference scripture to know what the Lord says about the heart and how to protect it against the travails of the world. She cited I Peter 3:4, Proverbs 4:20-24, Jeremiah 17:9, Mark 7: 21-23 John 15:5 and much more as a roadmap to self-checks and a way forward that is pleasing to God.

Dr. Betty receives a standing ovation upon taking the stage. (Courtesy photo)

In a loving nod to her husband, the late Apostle Frederick K.C. Price, co-founder of 50-year-old Crenshaw Christian Center, she stated, “His course was finished. I miss him and think about him every day. I get through this by doing the best I can while I can until I leave here. God provides everything we need to get through this life…God takes care of us because He knows everything…the Word of God is the answer to help you through any negative situation.”

Her words and transparent example serve as a healing balm to others navigating the reality of the passing of a spouse or other loved one — something each of us will experience as our great reward for loving others in this earth realm.

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Dr. Betty and Lady Angel Price (Courtesy photo)
Flanked by her daughters, Cheryl, Stephanie and Angela (Courtesy photo)
Dr. Betty with Retired Ambassador Diane E. Watson (Courtesy photo)
Guests enjoying the luncheon (Courtesy photo)
Guests enjoying the luncheon (Courtesy photo)
Guests enjoying the luncheon (Courtesy photo)
Guests greeting Dr. Betty (Courtesy photo)
One of several vendor booths (Courtesy photo)