Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)

Congressional Black Caucus Leads Discussion on Resources for Small Businesses

As days go by, Americans are learning that billion-dollar corporations are receiving funding from the Paycheck Protection Program which was intended to provide Federal Government assistance to help small businesses due to COVID- 19.   The $349 Billion Paycheck Protection Program designed for small businesses, was depleted within two weeks with thousands of small business not receiving any of the funds. Meanwhile, large restaurant chains Shake Shack and the parent company of Ruth’s Chris Steak House, benefited millions from the program. Both companies have since returned the funding. However, over 200 corporations have decided to keep the funding, including Bennett

CBC Meets with CBS News to Discuss Importance of Diversity in News Coverage, Challenges Organization to Add More Journalists and Staff of Color

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) met with officials from CBS News to discuss the importance of diversity in news coverage and insist the organization add more reporters of color to their roster of journalists chosen to cover the upcoming 2020 election campaign. CBS News recently faced criticism regarding the lack of diversity among the reporters chosen to cover the upcoming election.  CBC members also pressed the organization to take more proactive steps to increase diversity overall, including divisions outside of the newsroom.