Seated (L-R): 2019 National Senior Citizens Honorees: Mr. Clifford E. McClain, Ms. Beatrice
Jett and Mr. Edmund “Bill” Brandy. Also seated is Mr. Keith McCowen, Vice President of
The Republican Party of Los Angeles County. Standing (L-R front Volunteers) Ms. Delores
Woods and Miss Wynter Crayon. Standing (L-R back Volunteers): Ms. Katrina Anderson,
Mrs. Davina Keiser, Mr. James Spencer, Ms. Maureen Johnson, Mr. Gary Aminoff, Ms. Tara Tucker, Miss Denisse McCowen, Mrs. Ayana McCowen, Mr. Clarence Chappell, Mr. Joe Collins and Mrs. Lady Cage-Barile

National Senior Citizens Day Celebration, a day of honoring and appreciating all the things Senior Citizens in the United States has given, accomplished and sacrificed to help America be an awesome nation to live in. In highlighting 3 nominated Senior Citizens yearly for the services they’ve given to elevate their family, their community and their country, S.L.A.I.R.A. (South Los Angeles/Inglewood Republican Assembly) hosted an annual event that was held on August 24, 2019. National Senior Citizens Day Proclamation 5847” was declared on August 19, 1988 by U. S. President Ronald Reagan.”

This auspicious annual event was received with much joy, pride, honor and gratitude for all of the honorees. As is life, each person is an individual who, with the grace of Jehovah has much to pass on to the present and future generations. This year’s event was held at the Figueroa Senior Housing, a relaxed, well secured, opulent architectural, affordable Living Space, located across from the Figueroa Church of Christ, in the heart of Los Angeles, California. Mr. Lyndale Frison is President of the Figueroa Economical Housing Corporation Board; Mr. Kenneth Cline is Vice President and Mr. Kendall Walker is a Board Member. Ms. Katrina Anderson is Senior Housing Community Manager.

The Honorees for 2019 are: Mr. Clifford E. McClain, a graduate of Jefferson Junior High in 1957. After graduation, he got a job at the L. A. City Department of Building and Safety, however, he felt discriminated against, so he quit and got a job with the U. S. Postal Service. He went to L. A. Junior College of Business, UCLA Extension and completed Special Program in the School of Public Administration at USC. Mr. McClain was involved as an advocate for numerous community actions: 1965 Neighborhood Adult Participation Project; 1965 Exposition Outpost Director for NAPP; 1966 member of Temporary Alliance of Local Organization in response to the Watts Riot; 1986 Community Gang Youth Services Development Specialist; 1990 contracted with Compton Unified School District as SB65 Drop-Out Prevention Consultant. He retired in 2016 and now he volunteers with the Los Angeles Brotherhood Crusade.

2019 National Senior Citizens Honorees: (L-R) Ms. Beatrice Jett, Mr. Clifford E. McClain
And Mr. Edmond “Bill” Brandy

Ms. Beatrice was born in Alabama during the segregation era.  Ms. Jett recalls volunteering with her mother in the churches, the community and schools. She attended Alabama State in Montgomery, where she was initiated into Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and she graduated with a Bachelor in Business Education. She worked in the rural impoverished area of Linden County, Alabama. In 1960, while visiting Los Angeles, she stayed and became a Teacher for the Los Angeles City and later with the Los Angeles County. Beatrice met her husband to be; they got married and started a family. Ms. Jett received her Master’s Degree in Education Administration from USC in 1974 and her career spanned 36 years in Los Angeles County Juvenile Court School. She worked as a Teacher for 10 years and then as Assistant Principal. Ms. Jett volunteered with YMCA, Urban League, The National Council of Negro Women, Inc., Los Angeles Pan Hellenic Council, The Central City Mental Health Clinic, California Civil Rights Commission and the Los Angeles County Republican Central Committee 47th and 54th Districts. In 1984 she ran for U. S. Congress. In Alabama she could never vote, but in California she encourages voting. Ms. Jett’s son is Dr. Quintus Jett, PhD from Stanford University, a professor of entrepreneurship. Ms. Jett’s advice: “Stay active, ask questions and help others.”

Mr. Edmund “Bill” Brandy, a retired automotive mechanic. Born in Louisiana, but he has lived in California since 1963. Mr. Brandy is 80 years old and a widower. He was married to Queen Esther Brandy for 37 years. Mrs. Brandy gave birth to two lovely children, daughter Ms. Deborah Brandy who is an Administrator (Educator) with Los Angeles Unified School District and their son Edmund Brandy, II who is deceased. Mr. Brandy is the proud grandfather of 3 (Ahmyi, Noah and Nile Brandy). When Mr. Brandy became a resident of Figueroa Senior Housing 18 years ago, he noticed that the tenants needed assistance with their car repairs, appliances, television remote controls, life advice and more. He developed friendships with tenants and building managers. Mr. Brandy loves volunteering and when there are concerns, he advocates. Joining Mr. Brandy in this celebration were his family and many friends. His words of wisdom: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

Special Recognition given to the Figueroa Senior Housing for Co-Hosting the “National Senior Citizens Day Celebration” was accepted by Ms. Katrina Anderson.

Each Honoree received a proclamation from California Republican State Senator Mr. Mike Morell of District 23; California State Assemblyman Jim Patterson of District 23; California Republican Assembly, Mr. Johnnie Morgan, President and S.L.A.I.R.A. Mr. James Spencer, President.

Mr. Lyndale Frison opened the celebration with an uplifting welcoming prayer, Mr. Keith McCowen prayed before lunch and Mr. Kenneth Cline gave the closing prayer, praying for the Honorees, the Honorees’ family and guests, as well as a request for healing. In between the prayers were the history of S.LA.I.R.A , National Senior Citizens Day and the Figueroa Senior Housing. After the catered lunch from the “Delicious Restaurant” each attendee was treated with a raffle ticket for a chance to win one of 15 prizes. It was a fulfilled, delightful celebration for a full dining room.

Special Thanks to the volunteers who made this possible: Figueroa Senior Housing Volunteers – Ms. Carminda Jackson, Ms. Delores Woods and Ms. Katrina Anderson; Entertainment, Mr. Williams Owens, Published Author of 15 books and Inspirational Poet for America; S.L.A.I.R.A –Mr. James Spencer (President) /Presenter, Mrs. Davina Keiser (Secretary)/ Presenter, Mrs. Ayana McCowen (Asst. Secretary) / Event Co-Chair / Presenter’ Chair, Mr. Keith McCowen, Mrs. Lady Cage-Barile ( Members Secretary) /Event Chair / Mistress of Ceremony, Mr. Gary Aminoff ( Presenter),  Ms. Maureen Johnson (Presenter), Mr. Clarence Chappell ( Set up /Cleanup ), Ms. Reatha Simon ( Program Design), Ms. Tara Tucker ( Hostesses Chair ), Junior Hostesses: Miss Wynter Crayon and Miss Denisse McCowen;  Mr. Joe Collins ( served soda/water table side).