Eric Copage Shines a Light on Black Culture and Its Importance

Author and journalist Eric Copage has had his people on his mind for quite a while. “Between Fathers and Sons: An African American Fable” is a novella and his latest book where Copage is bringing all these experiences and conversations from his life together.

One-on-One with Author Tomi Adeyemi

Tomi Adeyemi’s  “Children of Blood at Bone” is set in the magical land of Orïsha and is told through the eyes of a young woman named Zélie who goes on a quest to restore magic to her people.
Strolling the wide streets of Harlem, I chatted with Adeyemi and this is what she has to say about what inspired Zélie’s world and why she hopes that young girls, all over the world will read her book and connect with the spirit of the story. It’s almost a safe bet to say that her wish will come true, since along with the critical accolades for the debut novel,  Adeyemi also landed a three-book and three-movie deal with an all-Black cast of characters. Impressive.  

Mathew Knowles Latest Book Shines Light On Racism

Media mogul Mathew Knowles discussed his new book, Racism from the Eyes of a Child, with the Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper.  Knowles, father of music superstars Beyoncé and Solange, shares his personal experiences with racism, colorism, and discrimination. Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper: This book takes a different route than your previous books.  What inspired this one? Mathew Knowles: When I was writing my first book, I was already thinking about my next book.  Before I came up with this idea, I wanted to solidify my experience as an author first.    I really wanted to leave a legacy for Solange, Beyoncé,

Haves & Have Nots Actor Ro Brooks Releases New Book

The Sentinel catches up with The Haves & Have Nots actor Ro Brooks, who released his new book for aspiring actors: “How to Go from Extra to Actor: The Aspiring Actor’s Guide to Stardom” at Eso Won books in Leimert Park
Reporter: Brittany K. Jackson

ON THE WEB: Tavis Smiley

On July 28, Tavis Smiley came to the Barnes & Noble at the Grove in Los Angeles to promote his new book, Before You Judge Me: The Triumph and Tragedy of Michael Jackson’s Last Days. Minutes before his discussion of the book in front of attendees, I sat down with him and asked him a few questions about his book and his thoughts about the controversial presidential election currently taking place. What was his motivation?   What can readers expect to read about that they haven’t heard about on television?   What if it was a miracle that Michael Jackson made

Is Success In Your DNA?

Before DJ Khaled was giving you the “major keys to success” on Snapchat, Mathew Knowles had already designed the blueprint and her name is Beyoncé.

The former Xerox Medical Systems executive quit his job to invest in the careers of his daughter, and her girl group Destiny’s Child. The work ethic that he instilled within Beyoncé helped to make Queen Bey the incomparable icon that she is today.

NBA Legend Co-Authors Debut Adult Novel

NBA icon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, along with author Anna Waterhouse wrote a fiction novel titled “Mycroft Holmes”. The two authors held a book-signing event at the Barnes and Noble in the Grove Farmers Market on Sunday. The title character, Mycroft Holmes, is the brother of the famous fictional character Sherlock Holmes, according to Abdul-Jabbar. “If you ever read the original group of stories, the shorter stories, and the novels, Mycroft is mentioned a number of times, six or seven times, but never into any depth,” said Abdul-Jabbar. “We don’t really know what he does on the daily basis or how he