Ananda Lewis Featured in OWN TV’s “Rebuilding Black Wall Street.”

The Tulsa Race Massacre was an eighteen-hour ordeal occurring from May 31 through June 1, 1921. The mostly Black neighborhood of Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma was attacked by a white mob, destroying homes and businesses. Between 150 and 300 people lost their lives in one of the most heinous acts of racial violence in United States history.

Let’s Talk About Tanya Hart!

In 1994, Hart hosted E! Entertainment’s “Gossip Show.” The program aired for six years in 140 countries all around the world. She would eventually be joined by co-host, television personality Downtown Julie Brown. Hart has also “dished tea” on daytime television tabloid show, “The Geraldo Rivera Show.”

It’s a BLACKMUSEUMIST moment—DJs Spin live on vinyl at the Soho

The Soho Warehouse was booming with hypnotic soundwaves that reeled people onto the dance floor. The most fashionable crowd succumbed to a subtle repetitive toe tap— even the strongest wall flower couldn’t resist the fine tunes spinning from a VINYL HOUSE + BLACKMUSEUMIST production that took place on Monday, Jan. 9, located on 1000 South Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, California.

Theatre Director Sheldon Epps’ New Book Celebrates and Encourages Self-Direction

Sheldon Epps, one of the first Black artistic directors in American regional theatre, has written a new book entitled, “MY OWN DIRECTIONS: A Black Man’s Journey in the American Theatre.” Epps chronicles his tribulations and triumphs as a freelance director, which led him to the Pasadena Playhouse, where he served as artistic director for twenty years. During that time, he helmed many productions, also directing episodes of classic television shows along the way.

Lisa Mathis Debuts ‘Block Party’ on June 8

“Block Party” stars Antoinette Robinson (“Dear White People”), Luenell (“Hacks”), Faizon Love (“Friday”), and the aforementioned Avery, directed by Dawn Wilkinson and set for a wide theatrical release via Iconic Events Releasing on June 8 and streaming by BET and BET+ starting June 16. 

‘Kingdom Business’ Takes Audience on Road to Redemption

The new BET+ series, “Kingdom Business” pulls back the holier-than-thou, saved and sanctified prayer cloth to reveal that the inner workings of the gospel music industry have the same underpinnings as the secular world.

Oscar’s Producer Jeannae Rouzan-Clay Reflects on 10 Years in Entertainment    

The key to long-term development with a production company is lifting people up, while climbing yourself; the VP of Specials expressed the benefits of staying committed to a growing legacy. Rouzan-Clay elaborated on her thoughts of working with Jesse Collins, who she met when stationed at John Cossette Productions. Rouzan-Clay said, “He’s always been good about wanting to elevate women of color specifically.”