Christian Keyes (Photo: MadWorks Photography)

Busy is the best way to depict Christian Keyes. In addition to his insurmountable television credits, he is also a singer, songwriter, and author.

Most recently, Keyes appears and is a co-producer on the BET+ series, “The Family Business;” he is a star and the creator of the BET+ crime drama series “All the Queen’s Men,” and he released a new album entitled “Get Involved.”

Released on November 13, 2023, “Get Involved” is available across all music platforms.

Keyes, who appeared in the legal TV drama “All Rise,” also just completed “The So Sweet City Winery Tour” in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Chicago where he performed his music.

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He says he is now excited to return to acting, now that the 2023 WGA and SAG-AFRTRA strikes are over.

Keyes on the Cover of the Album “Get Involved.” (Courtesy photo)

“I stand in solidarity with the WGA because I wrote and created ‘All the Queen’s Men,’ and as an actor with SAG-AFTRA because they make sure we’re protected,” said Keyes.

During the strikes, Keyes says he continued to write television shows and film, albeit only in preparation for when the strikes ended. He also finished writing a new book, and two new novels.

His television show, “All the Queen’s Men,” is based on Keyes’ book “Ladies Night.” Keyes says he was inspired to write the book as an urban take on the “Magic Mike” films.

“All the Queen’s Men” is produced by Keyes in partnership with media mogul Tyler Perry.

Starring actress Eva Marcille, the story revolves around the female owner of an all-male strip club, who is also a criminal queen pin.

Christian Keyes and Eva Marcille in “All the Queen’s Men.” (Courtesy photo)

When asked why release an album now with all of his success as an actor and producer, Keyes replied, “It was time, and I was getting comfortable in the acting space but not so comfortable where I would take it for granted.”

He continued, “I was a little apprehensive about putting out my music, because people are so quick to label, judge and try to compartmentalize you, so they can understand what it is you do.”

Keyes says God is the one who blessed him with his career in television and now he has placed him in a position to create music. Keyes who wrote all the songs on the album, also credits Herman Johnson with producing 90 percent of the it.

Besides Johnson, Suede was the producer of the title track, “Get Involved.” Keyes describes the feel of the album as 2024/2025 nineties R&B. He also says his style is reminiscent of artists like Babyface, Brian McKnight, Smokey Robinson, and Luther Vandross.

“They’ve always done a great job of painting you into the experience and you can have that whole experience in that four- or five-minute song. They are all great storytellers,” said Keyes.

Keyes says his goal was to make honest music and he knew if he made his music honest, it would connect with the audience.