Tyler Perry’s drama-comedy series, “Sistas,” explores a feminine reality through the lens of four Black women living in Atlanta. Together, the characters played by KJ Smith, Mignon, Ebony Obsidian, and Novi Brown, face the real-life complexities of thriving in their careers, while swiping left on dating apps to find their lifelong partner.

Bringing in a bird’s-eye view from the field of production, Mignon plays Daniella ‘Danni’ King, the comedic breath of fresh air in the group. Sharing her perspective in being a part of the core talent of the show, Mignon described the series as four beautiful Black women navigating their professional and personal lives. She said, “My character Danni is a straight shooter, she’s a lot of fun, and she’s a little over the top at times.” The actress went on to explain that Danni has a keen sense of reading the energy of the room.

Acting sensation, Mignon, plays Danni, in Tyler Perry’s “Sistas” ; she provided in-depth understanding on what this show means for rising talent. (Photo by Mike D.)

Mignon’s personal energy towards captivating this role physically manifested. According to a profile story on BET, Mignon was eating Costco pizza at her mother’s house when she got the call that aligned her with her destiny. She proved that her drive and the firmness in her purpose paid off, when she landed a consistent role on one of the top Black entertainment channels.

“I wanted to act my whole life,” Mignon stated as she reflected on her journey to Tyler Perry’s production. She said, “I hustled like everyone else, and I got really scrappy—when it came to the show.” She explained that she planted her flag in this role, and she was determined to claim her position. It is almost unheard of to land a recurring role as an unrepresented actor, as Mignon explained what led her to the grit needed to secure this audition.

Mignon shared her acting presence had a touch of comedic timing, which made her fit the character Danni seamlessly, she stated, “Sistas has that comedic, dramatic element which I am able to do both.” Mignon said that she was invited to come read for the character, Danni, and got a couple call backs and then she received the call that she got the part. The acting sensation now starring as Danni, provided in-depth understanding on what this show means for rising talent.

Mignon had to break through the industry with self-determined talent, landing a reoccurring role on Tyler Perry’s ‘Sistas’. (Photo by Mike D.)

Tyler Perry Studios was the first to produce a full season of production during a global pandemic. While following preventative measures, Perry provided back-to-back episodes when the series launched in October. The season two opening became the “most socially viewed cable program,” generating over 1.8 million views on Facebook and Twitter. According to TVSeriesfinale.com, season two of the dramedy series’ influence grew 33 percent in the 18-49 age range and 42 percent in audiences between ages 25-54.

Rendering news from Tylerperry.com, Perry built an infrastructure entitled, “Camp Quarantine,” that has a mission to keep those on set, safe during the fatal outbreak of coronavirus. The system includes 315 “luxury mobile hotel rooms,” and countless amounts of protective gear. Mignon recalled the frequent COVID testing that took place during the filming of the show.

Mignon (Photo by Mike D.)

“Sistas” focuses on friendship, each character brings a sense of warmth to their kinship. Danni (Mignon), brings laughter and boldness to the group. In one of the episodes, she is seen holding two margaritas while “stirring the pot,” pressuring Sabrina (played by Novi Brown) to share what is going on in her love life. The four main characters Perry created, represent a different saturation of personalities found in every woman.

The theme is centered around dating through a Black woman’s perspective; it encompasses a new era of fallacy through social media, setting irrational expectations, coupled with losing the true meaning of commitment. This equates to perplexing situations for the women in “Sistas.”  They all try to find love, but end up losing themselves in the process, leaving them confused about their original quest for intimacy, and then unforeseen twists in the plot boils over.

Mignon simplified the whole journey through her character and what she had to do to be Danni. She explained that Danni’s journey is about getting out of self-destructive cycles permanently. Mignon had to break through the industry with self-determined talent, and Tyler Perry’s “Sistas” broke out of the pattern of normal production and T.V. tropes that viewers are used to. One can watch the new cycle of love affairs play out on Sling TV, Youtube TV, Philo, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, and BET.