Choose Celebrity Over Humility if You Dare 

In order to honestly accept the reality of faith, I believe we must become naked in those things that God expects and adores submission, selflessness, humility, reverence, charity, love and more. We all know the world to be a cruel place for people who demonstrate these qualities. The world can be lethal for those it views as submissive and passive and humble.  

Black, Latino and Female Officers Use Less Force than Whites

“When I got the paper, I literally at one point said, ‘hot damn,’” says Phillip Goff, a behavioral scientist at Yale University who wrote a commentary on the study published in the same issue. “I was a skeptic about demographic reform previously, and now I am a convert.… Demographics reform in policing actually has the potential to dramatically change behavior.”

My Welcomed Failure and Lesson of 2020

It may tickle some of you to know that I started to title this piece, “I Have No Idea WTF Are We Doing Here?” or “What I’m Really Thinking?” JK but seriously, I don’t. I don’t pretend to know what the meaning of all of this is (if it’s even possible to know) but it seems to me that there are certain theories about the matter that are more beneficial than others.