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Journeying on through time, we read of Moses’ life in Exodus 2:1. He was born into the family of Levi, the priestly tribe. When Moses was born, his parents took notice that there was something about him, something that God had put on him and they saw there was something very special about this child. Scripture says, “a “goodly child.”  

The Pharaoh had begun killing the babies, infanticide, after they were born. The midwives refused to kill the Hebrew babies. This was around 1635 B.C.  In this long mix of time, another Pharaoh had come into office who was not friendly.  

You will recall the background. Joseph had been kidnapped because of the jealousy of his brothers. There were a total of 12 brothers. Jacob was the father and patriarch of the family.  

The brothers had left together and were wandering around the countryside. They had been gone a long time, much too long. Father was worried. Perhaps, it was their habit to go out together.  

 Joseph was a favorite child and the youngest. Therefore, Jacob kept special watch over him. You recall, it was Joseph who had the coat of many colors. His father’s favoritism only heightened the jealousy of his brothers. He had made no special coats for them designed for royalty.  

 Joseph’s coat was designed for royalty and an indication that Joseph inherited the birthright, which included special privileges. Just the matter of him having this special garment aroused jealousy and hatred against Joseph. More than that, they called him “a dreamer.”  

One dream, in particular, was they were bowing down to him, giving homage to him. This further enraged their hatred against him. Here is an interesting point. It is ill-advised to have favorites among your children. It is ill-advised to give compliments to one and not to all as the occasion might warrant. It is ill-advised to treat your children unequally, but treat them according to the needs of their personalities and healthy growth.  

You know, what we do as parents and as people in general will demonstrate what and how we feel about those around us. It is advised that we choose our words and actions toward anyone. It is better to keep silent before speaking lest we speak something unfavorable about someone. Our words matter. Our suggestions matter. Our expressions matter.  

 On the day that their father, Jacob, sent Joseph to look for his brothers, it happened that they were more hateful toward him than before – so hateful, they acted in their hatred. Their animosity and hostility boiled over. They saw him coming and decided to kidnap him.  

 They were set to kill him, but one brother objected and threw him into a pit. The slave purchasers heard him crying out, rescued him and sold him into slavery. The “boys” took Joseph’s coat, dipped it in blood and took it home to Jacob, their father. This grieved Jacob greatly.  

 There was a severe famine in the land. Jacob and his family were already in “the land where God had placed them, the promised land.” Jacob sent “the brothers” to Egypt to search out food. Obviously, Joseph was not with them as their father and brothers assumed Joseph was dead. In the meantime, Joseph (through the sovereignty of God) has gone forth to prepare a place for his family.  

 Jacob, the patriarch of the Hebrews, sent the brothers to Egypt more than once to get food because of the severe famine. (There are 13 famines listed in the Bible.) Meantime, Joseph had been captured and sold into slavery. When he was seen to be such a responsible person and great manager, he was put in charge as governor over all food distribution over the entire population to sustain everyone over the period of the famine. 

  Again, Jehovah was faithful and kept Joseph and rewarded him for his faithfulness. But, before that, he had been falsely accused of rape and imprisoned. His integrity was recognized while he was in prison and from there he was placed in charge as governor over the affairs of the Pharaoh throughout the famine and on until a new Pharaoh came in. Prior thereto, as you can see, Joseph and his father and brothers were favored because Joseph had been raised up above his brothers and father just as his dream had previously shown.  

 We have not gotten to subject of Moses yet. So far, I have just clued you into some major historic points prior to Moses, “the deliverer,” coming into the scene. God commissioned Moses to perform the most pivotal act of deliverance ever.    

God’s chosen people had been enslaved for more than 400 years. Before we move into more discussion about Moses and the experiences of the Hebrews in the wilderness, let’s take a quick look at what has been highlighted.  

“The brothers” were in “mental imprisonment.” They were caught up in hatred and jealousy. They left behind all of the principles that their mother and father had taught them and decided to set themselves on a journey of “murder.”  

They did not and would not get along with Joseph. They disrespected their parents. One of the brothers was not of as murderous mind as the other 10. Ten against one was not enough to stop them from their murderous hateful thoughts. They drove themselves to think murder!   

But, Jehovah, as believing Christians and Jewish people know and respect, while the adversary is working his demonic acts, we are praying, and God is working to make everything turn out to the good. There will come a time and “in that day,” Jehovah, Yeshua, Jah, Jesus Christ will show Himself as the conqueror, the chief shepherd and all those other titles which are reserved for Him. Yes, “in that day.” To be continued 

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