Sophomore Roberta Remy competed on the Hawthorne girl’s flag football team (Amanda
Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

From an early age, Roberta Remy played football with her brothers. Her passion and knowledge for the game was again put to use when Hawthorne high school established a girl’s flag football team this year.
Hawthorne is a newer member of the League of Champions.
“One thing that I love to do is come to practice, my highlight of the day every day I go to school is practice,” Remy said. “If we don’t practice, I go home mad.”
Remy is thankful the Rams and Chargers started the League of Champions and hosted a Super Bowl tournament to conclude this past season. The Cougars flag football team always worked to uplift each other, according to Remy.
“We stick together and we talk things out,” Remy said. “Say somebody dropped the ball, we say “keep they head up” and make sure they keep they head up and make sure that they don’t put their self down.”

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Along with playing defense, Remy plays running back and wide receiver. She enjoyed watching her teammates improve throughout the season.
“We were dropping balls … we didn’t know defense, we didn’t know offense.” Remy said. “Now we all know defense and we all know offense, so it’s great.”
A coach once told her to not let other people get under her skin. It is a lesson that Remy kept at the forefront of her mind when she was competing at the Super Bowl tournament.
“When I was playing, I let two girls get to me,” Remy said. “But then, I had to keep my cool … I’m still learning.”
Remy admitted that balancing academics and athletics can be difficult. She became more dedicated to her schoolwork as a sophomore. Her favorite class is chemistry.
“Now, my grades are better,” Remy said. “When I say they are better, they are amazing and it’s crazy, I came this far, I took it more serious.”
Remy learned an important lesson about keeping focus when Hawthorne lost a game against Crenshaw high school.
“In my games, I’m focused on the game but with Crenshaw it was like … my mind just went blank,” Remy said. “I won’t ever let that happen again.”
When she becomes an adult, Remy wants to become an OB-GYN.
“I just wanted to do it ever since I was little,” Remy said. “I want to be a doctor, I want to help mothers have babies … but I want to also do [football].”