Westchester sophomore Reign Waugh has also played for the California Storm Taurasi AAU team (Amanda Scurlock/L.A. Sentinel)

Westchester sophomore Reign Waugh found confidence in her gameplay through competing in AAU basketball. Competition with AAU helped her contribute to the CIF City Section Open Division champion Westchester Lady Comets.

Waugh played for the California Storm Taurasi AAU team, which has allowed her to compete in different cities including Indiana, Chicago, and Phoenix.

“AAU I think it’s exposed me to other players and seeing other players from other states,” Waugh said. “Being exposed to new things and new places.”

Waugh has been on the Lady Comets varsity squad since her freshman year. She had to overcome the challenges of playing older students at the age of 13.

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“It was a lot more physical, especially going into playoffs because I’d never played it,” Waugh said. “I was kind of timid on the court but then being in the weight room and getting my mental right actually helped me a lot.”

The Lady Comets had a 29-2 overall record this past season. During a tournament in San Diego, Waugh’s older sister Rylei was injured and she had to take her role as point guard.

“I had to bring up the ball and I actually did pretty well for someone who does not enjoy bringing up the ball,” Waugh said. “Our team usually breaks down when [Rylei is] not on the court, but I feel like they helped me.”

During her freshman year, the Lady Comets fell short to the Birmingham Patriots 51-46 in the Open Division championship game. Waugh noted how the Lady Comets’ run last season helped her with their championship-winning season.

“It was basically an introduction to me. Coming in last year from the playoffs, I was a little scared, I didn’t know what to expect,” Waugh said. “When I came in this year, I was like it’s nothing new, I got this, just relax and let the game flow.”

Waugh is determined to have good grades while being a contending athlete. She knows that time management is the key to being a successful student athlete.

“I’ll try to get my homework done or get my studying in before practice or before a workout,” Waugh said. “When I go home, I can just do a little catch-up so it’s nothing too major.”

Waugh comes from a family of basketball players. Her father Booker Waugh and eldest sister also played basketball for Westchester. Her mom and sister help her with obstacles that arise.

“They’ve experienced the same things I’ve experienced,” Waugh said. “When I come to them with these problems, especially my mom and my sister they always have a solution to it.”

Waugh aspires to be a veterinarian and a basketball coach when she becomes an adult.

“I just love animals,” she said. “After being a veterinarian, I always thought maybe I’d be a coach or somewhere in the basketball environment whether it is scouting kids out, [or] starting a basketball program.”